What Kind Of Day Has It Been (Episode 122)
First Aired: Wednesday, 17th May, 2000
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Thomas Schlamme

Nothing Like A Meeting You Have To Carb Up For
Bullpen / Josh's office / Corridors of the West Wing. Josh and Donna walk and talk.

JOSH: Donna?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: Did you get me the meeting with the Vice President?
DONNA: I did, but you're not going to be happy ...
JOSH: Jogging?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: We couldn't, this time, just sit in chairs?
DONNA: He's jogging at two--it's the only time he could fit you in.
JOSH: Okay. Order me boiled chicken and some pasta. Nothing like a meeting you have to carb up for.
DONNA: You're supposed to be at the town hall prep right now.
JOSH: (he enters his office) Yeah, I'm headed to the Press Room.
DONNA: It started 10 minutes ago!
JOSH: Donna?
DONNA: Yeah?
JOSH: Where's my chair?
DONNA: We have to go.
JOSH: Where's my chair?
DONNA: What chair?
JOSH: The chair I sit in at my desk.
DONNA: It's at the shop.
JOSH: At the shop?
DONNA: You said one of the wheels was wobbly.
JOSH: Yeah. You call up a guy in maintenance, he uses a screwdriver--
DONNA: Well, I sent it to the shop.
JOSH: I didn't even know there was a shop.
DONNA: It's not so much a shop as--
JOSH: What?
DONNA: My friend Curtis.
JOSH: Your friend Curtis ...
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: ... is fixing my chair?
DONNA: I'm throwing him some work.
JOSH: And how much is Curtis charging the federal government to fix the wobbly wheel on my chair?
DONNA: He said he'd have to take a look at the job.
JOSH: At his shop.
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: Okay.

We Should Get Something Temporary So That Doesn't Happen Again
Josh's office. Charlie and Zoey argue when Josh enters.

CHARLIE: I'm sorry ... we were just using your office for a minute.
JOSH: You can keep fighting in just a second, I just need to find something.
ZOEY: (to Charlie) I also don't think it was out of line for me to stick up for you, since you were clearly chicken.
CHARLIE: Zoey, I work in a building with the smartest people in the world--
(Josh goes to sit down, but his chair is still missing, so he winds up falling on the floor)
JOSH: Donna!
JOSH: (from the floor) How you doing?
DONNA: We should get something temporary so that doesn't happen again.
JOSH: Yeah.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!