Third Day Story (Episode 603)
First Aired: Wednesday, 3rd November, 2004
Writer: Eli Attie
Director: Christopher Misiano

Not a Josh and Donna scene, but still very telling on Josh's part (and maybe some food for thought for CJ, too).

Anyone Who Says These Jobs Don't Come With A Cost ...
CJ's office. She speaks with a very disheveled (no tie, shirt askew, wrinkled jacket) Josh.

CJ: Where are you going?
JOSH: To meet Donna's plane at Andrews.
(There is a long moment of silence as Josh watches her, waiting for a response. For her part CJ looks like she's about to say something, then thinks twice.)
CJ: Anyone who says these jobs don't come with a cost ...
JOSH: Yeah.

I Want To Wheel You Around
Lobby / Corridors / Bullpen. A wheelchair-bound Donna enters, being pushed by Josh.

JOSH: His heart still won't beat on its own.
DONNA: So he's one for two?
JOSH: (sighs) Yeah. One for two.
STAFFER: Welcome home, Donna.
DONNA: Hi. (to Josh) You shouldn't wheel me around like this.
JOSH: I want to wheel you around.
DONNA: I feel like one of those Soviet Premiers who's secretly been dead for 10 years.
JOSH: Your speeches to the Comintern have been a little flat lately.
CJ: Donna! Hi! (CJ kisses her cheek)
CJ: I've--I've got CEA--I wish I could--it's so great to have you back! (to Josh) You're weak, and you know you're weak.
JOSH: Belly up to the griddle, Grizelda!
DONNA: Are we opening a restaurant?
JOSH: CJ's trying to trap me, and she's going down like a cheap pair of salad tongs.
DONNA: I'm not sure I fol--
JOSH: We'll get to that later. (a phone rings in the background) Hang on one second, I've got to get this. Don't go anywhere!
(This isn't likely, as Josh leaves her stranded in the middle of the Bullpen!)

You Know, There's An Intercom
Bullpen / Corridor. Josh toggles back and forth between his office and Donna's desk, with disasterous results.

JOSH: (he walks to Donna's desk from his office) I need to know when Toby's back from the Hill--he's trying to anoint himself Lord of the Flies. (Josh walks away towards his office, then returns) And, uh, get me the Democratic Whip. (he walks away again)
DONNA: You know, there's an intercom.
JOSH: (he walks back again) Oh, and, uh, Donna--
DONNA: You know you can just use--
(Just then, a tuxedo-clad waiter passes by with a silver tray stacked high with doughnuts, which, predictably, smashes into Josh)
DONNA: (she wheels out from behind her desk to watch the show) --the intercom.

You'd Look Cute In A Toga And A Dog Collar
Bullpen. Josh talks to Donna following his meeting with Benoit.

JOSH: The Democratic leadership ...
DONNA: What about them?
JOSH: Did they call to warn me that Benoit wants to ban marriage?
DONNA: Ban marriage?
JOSH: If we won't support gay marriage, he wants the government out of it entirely.
DONNA: Who takes an idea like that seriously?
JOSH: It's a direct mail bonanza for the other side. Even a fringe bill to ban marriage--they'll be re-enacting Caligula at the Republican convention.
DONNA: You'd look cute in a toga and a dog collar.
JOSH: Thank you.
DONNA: CJ says China's joined the opposition to a Security Council vote until Congress acts.
JOSH: Why isn't the State Department cracking heads?
DONNA: And the president of Turkmenistan told AP he knows of six more wavering votes.
JOSH: (yells) No, he doesn't! He's making that up! We need a coalition--we're being mugged by a melon-worshipper!
STAFFER: Excuse me? (she carries two cardboard pizza boxes) This is for Mr. Lyman from the Southwest Gate. From CJ Cregg.
JOSH: Probably stuck me with the bill, too. (to Staffer) Thank you. (he takes the boxes)
DONNA: (she grins) Send it to the president of Turkmenistan.

Let's Just Say You Were A Blood Donor ... I Want To Stop Taking Those For Granted
Josh's office. Donna sits in her wheelchair as Josh enters.

DONNA: Leo's off the pump.
JOSH: I heard.
(he goes over to his desk and picks up a small rectangular box, which he shines with his tie before presenting to Donna)
DONNA: What's this?
JOSH: (he opens the box) A pen.
DONNA: Am I having a bar mitzvah?
JOSH: It's from the peace signing. The Prime Minister used it to sign the 'H' in his name. I tried to get the 'Z' but the Israeli Ambassador beat me to it.
DONNA: (clearly touched, she smiles) I didn't have anything to do with the peace agreement.
JOSH: (seriously) Let's just say you were a blood donor ... I want to stop taking those for granted.
DONNA: Thank you. (she snaps the box shut) Why is the Treasury Secretary on TV?
JOSH: She's probably spinning the peace deal. CJ's rolling out cabinet heavyweights. We ought to loop her in on that tax cut, actually. (Josh turns up the volume on the TV and they watch the Treasury Secretary speak)

Not a Josh and Donna scene, but interesting foreshadowing into Donna's (professional) relationship with Josh, perhaps?

He Doesn't Want Me Holding His Jacket For The Rest Of My Life
Donna's desk. She stares at the pen Josh gave her reflectively when Charlie approaches her.

CHARLIE: Some welcome home party, huh?
DONNA: Feels lucky just to be home. How's Leo?
CHARLIE: He's in step-down. He can see visitors pretty soon. Coming to the hospital?
DONNA: A bit later, yeah. Zoey came to see me.
CHARLIE: I told her you were back.
DONNA: She told me you finished up at Georgetown.
CHARLIE: I wish she'd stop telling people that.
DONNA: Why? If I was done with college, I'd shout it from the rooftops.
CHARLIE: We've got snipers up there.
DONNA: It was more of a metaphorical thing.
CHARLIE: The truth is, I'm not done. I never took a swim test, there's forms I haven't filed.
DONNA: You're holding up your college degree over paperwork and laps in a pool?
CHARLIE: (after some hesitation) When I started Georgetown? The President made me promise that when I got the degree, I'd leave this job.
DONNA: Why would he want you to do that?
CHARLIE: He doesn't want me holding his jacket for the rest of my life. (Donna looks thoughtful) I'll see you at the hospital?
DONNA: Happy almost-graduation, Charlie.
CHARLIE: I'm not wearing a tassle. I don't care what they do to me.
(he leaves, and Donna continues to mull things over, whilst fiddling with the pen)

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!