Things Fall Apart (Episode 621)
First Aired: Wednesday, 30th March, 2005
Writer: Peter Noah
Director: Nelson McCormick

Not a Josh and Donna scene, but some very interesting insight into how Will sees Donna and Josh's relationship (or at least, how he sees he can use it to his benefit).

I'm Not Asking You To Betray King And Country
Russell's hotel suite. Russell, Donna and Will have a tete-a-tete-a-tete about offering Santos the Vice Presidency.

WILL: You didn't expect an answer?
RUSSELL: How it hit him--a read?
WILL: (to Donna) You know Josh--what's he going to recommend? (she looks awkardly from Will to Russell but says nothing) I'm not asking you to betray king and country--a best guess.
DONNA: (shrugs defensively) I have no idea.

How'd You Get So Smart About This?
Lobby Bar. Josh watches the delegates at the Republican National Convention continue to bash Bartlet on TV.

GOVERNOR OF WEST VIRGINIA: (on TV) "My fellow Americans, the body politic is ailing ..."
JOSH: (to the TV) You're not going there ...
GOVERNOR OF WEST VIRGINIA: "... we have businesses paralysed by over-regulation ..."
JOSH: Tell me you're not going there ...
(Donna walks up behind him, her eyes on the TV)
GOVERNOR OF WEST VIRGINIA: "... an international profile that's a shadow of our former strength ..."
DONNA: Is he doing what I think he is?
GOVERNOR OF WEST VIRGINIA: "... a foreign policy stumbling from one crisis to another ..."
DONNA: (in disbelief) The MS--he's invoking the MS.
GOVERNOR OF WEST VIRGINIA: "... infrastructure progressively falling apart before our very eyes ..."
JOSH: This is going to backfire.
GOVERNOR OF WEST VIRGINIA: "... a defence department that's enfeebled ..."
DONNA: Maybe people won't get it.
GOVERNOR OF WEST VIRGINIA: "... a tax code so clogged with complications, it's positively sclerotic ..."
DONNA: Okay, they'll get that.
GOVERNOR OF WEST VIRGINIA: "... I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!"
JOSH: You're going to HELL! (the other bar patrons look over at him)
DONNA: Josh--let's sit over here. (she walks over to a couple of lounge chairs several feet away)
JOSH: (to the other patrons, who are still staring at him as he joins her) How you doing? (he sits) I realise the VP candidates are the designated hatchetmen, but that's ...
DONNA: If Santos accepts, you can get your revenge.
JOSH: Yeah, you think I might find five or five hundred ways to call Vinick old? You want sclerotic, I'll give you sclerotic.
DONNA: Santos wouldn't do it.
JOSH: Probably not.
DONNA: Maybe why he shouldn't take the job.
JOSH: Maybe why he'd be a great choice. Restore some civility.
DONNA: You want him to accept?
JOSH: You don't.
DONNA: (heistates) I have concerns.
JOSH: He's not hit man enough.
DONNA: He's too much voltage at the bottom of the ticket.
JOSH: Overshadows the nominee.
DONNA: Gets people wishing the names were reversed.
JOSH: Gets people willing to wait until next time. (a beat; he smiles at her, realising what she is trying to say, and she grins back) How'd you get so smart about this?
DONNA: (still smiling) I had a good teacher.
JOSH: (softly) Thanks.
DONNA: (she gets up and leaves, then looks over her shoulder and grins at him) I meant Will. (Josh digests this, then smirks feebly)

Russell's hotel suite. Josh and Santos arrive to discuss the Vice Presidential situation with Russell.

WILL: Quick, hide the ouija board.
SANTOS: (to Josh) See, they can afford ouija boards. (to Will and Donna) Josh still has us reading chicken entrails.
WILL: I'll tell the Vice President you're here. (he disappears into an adjacent room)
DONNA: (to Santos, politely) We're very excited you've come.
SANTOS: We're excited to be here.
JOSH: (with a smile, and barely-concealed sarcasm) It's exciting.
(Donna gives him a fixed smile, as if trying to tell him to shut up, and Santos looks from her to Josh and back again with a puzzled smile. Josh looks at Santos, then Donna, and smiles)
RUSSELL: (comes out of the adjacent room with Will) Congressman, welcome.
SANTOS: Good of you to see me, Mr. Vice President.
RUSSELL: Shall we?
(Santos nods, and he and Russell head towards the adjacent room)
JOSH: Remember, three feet on the floor at all times.
(Russell, Santos, Donna and Will all turn and stare at him. Josh laughs, then trails off into an embarrassed silence, as he realises he probably shouldn't have said that.)
RUSSELL: Have a seat.
SANTOS: Thank you.
(As the door closes, Donna and Will continue to stare at Josh. Will gives him a strange look then turns away, and Donna walks towards him, a look of disbelief on her face.)
JOSH: Don't.
(She freezes, still wearing the look of disbelief, then turns and walks away)

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!