The Ticket (Episode 701)
First Aired: Sunday, 25th September, 2005
Writer: Debora Cahn
Director: Christopher Misiano

Chuck Said You'd Want This One
Santos-McGarry Campaign Headquarters boardroom, where a meeting about the Colorado delegation is wrapping up. Josh is at the whiteboard, when Ronna enters the room.

RONNA: Josh, you've got another interview.
JOSH: (without turning around) I told Chuck everybody who's still waiting, come back tomorrow.
RONNA: Chuck said you'd want this one.
JOSH: Well, Chuck is wrong.
(irritated, he turns around, only to see Donna standing in the doorway behind Ronna, smiling awkwardly)

And If You Don't Think I Miss You Every Day ...
Santos-McGarry Campaign Headquarters, Josh's office. Josh and Donna hold possibly the most awkward (on-screen) conversation of their entire relationship.

DONNA: Nice headline in the Post today. That's got to feel good.
JOSH: Yeah, it does. Heady stuff. How's Will?
DONNA: Oh, back in the VP's office. He wanders around a lot, like a guy who can't find his glasses.
JOSH: (puts his feet up on his desk) Yeah. You going back there, too?
DONNA: Vice President's office? (she clasps her hands together and fidgets with them a little) I'm glad you brought that up. (she takes a deep breath, as if prepping herself for what comes next) I'm ... proud to say, I've grown a lot in the last few months. The Russell campaign gave me some wonderful opportunities--I took an active role in drafting policy positions and eventually was promoted to the role of campaign spokesperson.
JOSH: (uncomfortably) Donna--
DONNA: Let me get through this, it's one of the more awkward moments of a lifetime.
JOSH: I can't do this.
DONNA: I'm good ... is the point. I'm as surprised as you are. And rumour has it, you could use a deputy.
(they look at each other for several long, painful moments, then Josh suddenly (conveniently?) pulls out a folder from a drawer and begins reading from it)
JOSH: "'Matthew Santos is throwing a tonne of numbers at you, hoping you'll be so confused as to miss the fact that his education plan is both impractical and unaffordable. He was a House member, you'd think behaviour like that would irritate him.' -- Donna Moss, Spokesperson, Russell for President Campaign."
DONNA: I didn't mean that he--
JOSH: "Claiming three House terms qualifies you to be President is like me saying I'm a foreign relations expert because I ordered Kung-Pao last night."
DONNA: I didn't say that, did I?
JOSH: February 26, Coffee Cake and Candidates, Raleigh, North Carolina. (Donna looks increasingly uncomfortable as Josh continues to read) "He wasn't a military strategist, he was a pilot. Ask him about the overhead compartment, not about defence."
DONNA: You called Russell a cowpoke. You said the President avoided him in the halls--you hummed "These Boots Are Made For Walking" every time the press mentioned his name.
JOSH: (softly, and almost sadly) Yeah, but I won.
DONNA: (after yet another awkward pause) It was my job, Josh. (beat) You're not used to me being in a position of authority. I'm sure that's uncomfortable.
JOSH: I got an airplane hangar out there filled with 500 strangers looking to me for direction, I got a candidate who doesn't trust any of them--and frankly, neither do I--and if you think I don't miss you every day ... (his voice almost breaks, and Donna looks down) ... I can make a couple calls.
DONNA: (still looking down, she holds up a hand to stop him, close to tears) Thank you for your time.
(she bolts without a backwards glance, passing Ronna and another staffer in the hallway, who look after her knowingly. From his doorway, Josh looks pained as he watches her leave, then goes back into his office)

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!