The Supremes (Episode 517)
First Aired: Wednesday, 24th March, 2004
Writer: Debora Cahn
Director: Jessica Yu

Who Would Jesus Nominate?
Outside the White House (Josh) / Bullpen (Donna). Josh and Donna are on the phone to each other.

DONNA: (reads off Josh's messages) Tommy at Justice ... Kovitz at Justice ... Citizens for a Strong America ... Archbishop Gaudio ... Archbishop Rummel ...
JOSH: What?
DONNA: Rummel! Of New York! Man of God!
JOSH: (wends his way through the midst of a throng of noisy demonstrators protesting a variety of causes) I can't hear a damn thing! Excuse me, please ... thank you ... Why are these people up so early?
DONNA: It's a Supreme Court seat. They had sign-painting parties the second Justice Brady dropped dead. Counsel sent a new list, they said burn the old list.
JOSH: Listen to this: (Donna drops the phone on her desk and walks away) "They cavalierly sacrifice the unborn innocents, and beckon, arms akimbo, the reaper, the horsemen, the apocalyptic end ..." Akimbo's a word you wish got used more. There's someone out there selling "Who Would Jesus Nominate?" t-shirts.
(By this point, Josh has entered the Lobby of the West Wing, where a phoneless Donna meets him, to his mild irritation)
DONNA: They're in Leo's, they just started.
JOSH: You want this? (hands her a muffin)
DONNA: You don't like it?
JOSH: Not really.

Who's This?
Lobby of the West Wing. Donna hands Josh and Toby some files.

JOSH: Okay, who's next?
(Donna gives Toby a file, which he passes to Josh)
TOBY: That's his.
DONNA: Who's this?
(Donna holds up a file, which Josh glances at)
JOSH: That's a ... no.

She's Here Because She's Invaluable
Bullpen / Josh's office. Donna needles Josh to sign something on a clipboard.

DONNA: Sign please? (she obscures part of what he's signing with her hand)
JOSH: You want to move it so I can sign?
DONNA: Not really.
JOSH: Why are we apologising to Ashland?
DONNA: We sent him flowers. Condolence flowers.
JOSH: Condolences ...?
DONNA: For his death.
JOSH: He's alive.
DONNA: That's what he said.
JOSH: We sent flowers to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on the occasion of his death?
DONNA: They were supposed to go to Justice Brady's family.
JOSH: (sighs) Get Protocol on the phone.
DONNA: They didn't actually--
JOSH: We did this?
DONNA: It was an honest mistake. Ashland's 80, he's knock-knock-knockin' on heaven--
JOSH: Who put the order in?
RYAN: Hey, guys.
JOSH: You sent a funeral bouquet to the family of the living, breathing Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
RYAN: No ... I sent them to the guy who died. Brady.
JOSH: No, actually, you didn't. (He follows Josh into his office. Donna hangs back in the doorframe behind Ryan's back.)
RYAN: This is terrible. Um--I really apologise. You know, I am a nightmare with details. It's embarrassing--the stuff just leaks out of my head. We should leave the detail work to Donna. She's got the head for it. I'm more of a big picture kind of guy.
(Josh looks beyond Ryan to Donna, who smiles to herself incredulously and walks away)
JOSH: (utterly pissed) She's here because she's invaluable. You're here because your uncle's so powerful I can't fire you. Big picture.

They're Cat People?
Bullpen. Ryan sees Josh approach and slinks away as Josh glares after him.

JOSH: There'll be hell to pay at Agincourt ... I've offended the Dauphin.
DONNA: (reading messages) Lisa Wolfe called twice ... Senator Webster called regarding E. Lang: "What could you possibly be thinking?" ... Senator Milbank, regarding Lang: "No no no no no." ... Bertha MacNull: "Not a snowball's chance in"--oh, that's not about Lang. That's about the highways bill.
JOSH: I need a drink.
DONNA: Sun's not over the yardarm.
JOSH: CJ's right.
DONNA: Usually. You want a black-eyed Susan?
JOSH: Is it a drink?
DONNA: It's a cookie. My mom sent them.
JOSH: No ... yes.
DONNA: Peanut butter with a chocolate kiss.
JOSH: (picks up lid of the cookie tin, which has two pictures of cats on it) They're cat people?
DONNA: No, they're not.
JOSH: These theirs?
DONNA: Shadrack and Michek.
JOSH: Two cats--cat people.
DONNA: For years they only had one, but he died over Christmas.
JOSH: (with his mouth full) This is a dry cookie.
DONNA: After what was deemed an appropriate mourning period, they went to get a new one, and my mother liked the Abyssinian and my father liked the grey. And they claimed that after 39 years of marriage, they had outgrown compromise, so they got both. (with her mouth full) That doesn't make them cat people. The house doesn't smell. (Josh stares at her like something's just dawned on him) Do I have crumbs?

Send In Elvis
Josh's office. Toby and Josh talk, while in the background, Ryan appears to be dancing and singing in the Bullpen.

DONNA: (shoves a file at Ryan) Shut up.
TOBY: I thought you were firing him?
JOSH: If wishing made it so. Donna! (she enters) Send in Elvis.

Oh My God, You're Putting My Mother's Cats On The Supreme Court
Bullpen. Donna, Josh, CJ and Toby congregate to discuss nominees.

JOSH: Okay, we've got Lang coming in to meet the President at 7:00, Christopher Mulready's at 8:00--the press can't see him, we need a clear shot from the Roosevelt Room to the Oval.
DONNA: He's on the short list?
JOSH: He is if she is. We may get both.
DONNA: Oh my God, you're putting my mother's cats on the Supreme Court.
CJ: Your what?
JOSH: (to Donna) It's just an experiment. (to CJ) She's on sentry. We're good. (to Donna) Don't ever tell anyone that story.

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