Take This Sabbath Day (Episode 114)
First Aired: Wednesday, 9th February, 2000
Teleplay: Aaron Sorkin
Story: Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr, Paul Redford & Aaron Sorkin
Director: Thomas Schlamme

You Have A Very Sensitive System
Bullpen / Donna's desk. Josh approaches her.

JOSH: I'm out of here.
DONNA: You've got to see Sam.
JOSH: I'm seeing Sam and them I'm out of here.
DONNA: Are you going to behave yourself tonight?
JOSH: It's a bachelor party.
DONNA: I'm saying--
JOSH: I can hold my liquour.
DONNA: No you can't.
JOSH: I can drink with the best of them.
DONNA: You can't drink with any of them, Josh.
JOSH: I'm in politics, okay? I can drink.
DONNA: You have a very sensitive system.
JOSH: I wish you'd stop telling people that! It makes me sound like an idiot.
DONNA: You're going to have two drinks and spend the rest of the weekend sleeping it off.
JOSH: And this is the first time in a long time I've had the opportunity to spend the weekend doing anything but working, is my point.
DONNA: Are there going to be strippers?
JOSH: Nah.
DONNA: Really?
JOSH: Yeah.
DONNA: Tell me the truth.
JOSH: There aren't going to be strippers there. Men don't like that anymore.
DONNA: Men don't like naked women anymore?
JOSH: No, we still like naked women a lot. It's looking at them in a room full of your best friends that makes you feel a little--
DONNA: Sleazy?
JOSH: Uncomfortable.

When It's Over, I'll Buy You Some Shoes
Bullpen / Donna's desk. Josh approaches her.

DONNA: What time?
SAM: Ten tomorrow morning.
DONNA: You have to be here at 10 tomorrow morning.
JOSH: We have to be here at 10 tomorrow morning.
DONNA: Why me?
JOSH: Because you work for me.
DONNA: I have things to do tomorrow morning, Josh. It was my Saturday, too.
JOSH: What things?
DONNA: I have to go shopping.
JOSH: For what?
DONNA: Whatever! It's Saturday.
JOSH: Ten minutes. When it's over, I'll buy you some shoes.
DONNA: (grins) Really?

You Really Want To Speak Very Softly
Josh's office. Donna enters and finds him snoring on the floor.

DONNA: Josh. (beat) Josh!
JOSH: (half-asleep and very hungover) Huh?
DONNA: What are you doing?
JOSH: What?
DONNA: Did you spend the night here?
JOSH: No--just since a couple of hours ago.
DONNA: The party went to the morning?
JOSH: Yeah.
DONNA: Why didn't you go home?
JOSH: What?
DONNA: Why didn't you go home after the party?
JOSH: I couldn't find my keys or remember where I lived.
DONNA: Josh.
JOSH: I think there might have been strippers there.
DONNA: Oh, my God.
JOSH: Shhhh!
DONNA: What happened to your clothes?
JOSH: I may have wrinkled my suit.
DONNA: Josh!
JOSH: Donna. You ... you really want to speak very softly.
DONNA: How did you get like this?
JOSH: People were pouring champagne over each other--
DONNA: And then wrestling in dirt?
JOSH: I can't remember, but it's certainly not out of the question.
DONNA: You have a meeting.
JOSH: Yeah, I know. I'm not ... you know ... uh ... what was the meeting again?
DONNA: Joey Lucas about O'Dwyer.
JOSH: Yes.
DONNA: Josh.
JOSH: I'm fine.
DONNA: You can't wear those clothes.
JOSH: I'm fine.
DONNA: Trust me.
JOSH: They're the only clothes I've got.
DONNA: I'll find some other clothes.
JOSH: Fine.
DONNA: Are you going to listen to me from now on?
JOSH: (mutters) I'm not even listening to you now.
DONNA: (raises voice) I said, are you going to listen--
JOSH: Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes!

I'll Look Like The Gorton's Fisherman In This Thing
Josh's office. Donna enters, carrying a cup of coffee and Sam's hipwaders

DONNA: Josh.
JOSH: Huh?
DONNA: Here.
JOSH: What's that?
DONNA: It's Sam's foul-weather gear. Drink this.
JOSH: Coffee?
DONNA: It's strong. Drink it all.
JOSH: (Gags on the coffee, as it pours out of his mouth and down his vest) Blah.
DONNA: It's from yesterday, so it might not be hot anymore.
JOSH: What time is this person coming?
DONNA: Forty minutes. Put this on.
JOSH: I'm not wearing that.
DONNA: There's a one-hour cleaners on Connecticut.
JOSH: He's getting here in 40 minutes.
DONNA: Zuzu will do it in half an hour.
JOSH: Who's Zuzu?
DONNA: The guy from the dry cleaners, Josh. Change your clothes!
JOSH: His name is Zuzu?
DONNA: Change your clothes.
JOSH: I'll look like the Gorton's Fisherman in this thing.

So ... Joey Lucas Is A Woman
Josh's office / Bullpen. Josh and Joey are in their meeting when Donna enters with his suit.

DONNA: Excuse me.
JOSH: Thank God.
DONNA: What's going on?
JOSH: This is my assistant, Donna Moss. Donna, Joey Lucas.
JOSH: (to Joey) I'm just going to go ... I--I'm ... I'm gonna go change my clothes. I'll ... I'll be right back. (Josh and Donna enter the Bullpen) Took you long enough.
DONNA: I got stuck at Dupont Circle again.
JOSH: You have any idea how dumb I looked in there?
DONNA: So ... Joey Lucas is a woman.
JOSH: Yes.
DONNA: And she's deaf.
JOSH: Yes.
DONNA: Cool.
JOSH: Gimme those. (Josh goes into a room and starts to get changed)
DONNA: You need to go see Sam.
JOSH: What's Sam doing here?
DONNA: He told me to tell you the appeal was denied.
JOSH: What're you talking about?
DONNA: All he said was the appeal was denied.
JOSH: (beat) Oh, man. Make sure they're going to be okay in there--this might take a few minutes.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!