Take Out The Trash Day (Episode 113)
First Aired: Wednesday, 26th January, 2000
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Ken Olin

You Guys Are Real Populists, Aren't You?
Bullpen / Corridors of the West Wing. Josh and Donna walk and talk.

DONNA: Josh! (to Cathy) Did they burn the hamburger?
CATHY: I told them well done.
DONNA: He likes it beyond well done--he likes it burnt.
JOSH: Yeah?
DONNA: Food's here.
JOSH: Did they burn the hamburger?
JOSH: Did you check?
DONNA: I am not checking your food.
JOSH: Let's go.
DONNA: (sarcastically, as she picks up the food containers) No, no, I'll carry it.
JOSH: I like it where, if you dropped it on the floor, it would break.
DONNA: What's take out the trash day?
JOSH: Friday.
DONNA: I mean, what is it?
JOSH: Any stories we have to give the press that we're not wild about, we give all in a lump on Friday.
DONNA: Why do you do it in a lump?
JOSH: Instead of one at a time?
DONNA: I'd think you'd want to spread them out.
JOSH: They've got X column inches to fill, right? They're going to fill them no matter what.
JOSH: So if we give them one story, that story's X column inches.
DONNA: And if we give them five stories ...
JOSH: They're a fifth the size.
DONNA: Why do you do it on Friday?
JOSH: Because no one reads the paper on Saturday.
DONNA: You guys are real populists, aren't you?

We Know Who Leaked The Story
Bullpen / Sam's office. Josh approaches Donna, Margaret and a group of staffers.

JOSH: Well, here's a group of federal employees.
DONNA: Can I talk to you?
JOSH: Sure.
DONNA: In Sam's office?
JOSH: We'll need to ask Sam, don't you think?
DONNA: I need Sam, too.
JOSH: Sam!
SAM: Yes sir?
JOSH: Donna needs to talk to us, and it doesn't look good.
DONNA: This Vice President's Advance man, with the golf clubs and the helicopter?
JOSH: Chad McGrudian?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: Didn't he used to work for us?
SAM: He kept screwing up.
JOSH: How?
SAM: He advanced the Puerto Rico trip and spent a half a day scuba diving, which was nowhere on the President's itinerary. He advanced the New York trip and got impossible tickets to something that the President had no intention of seeing.
JOSH: He's working for Hoynes now?
SAM: Yeah, he played 18 holes on Pebble Beach.
DONNA: Which, technically, is what he's supposed to do.
SAM: He wasn't supposed to take a navy helicopter and make it wait.
JOSH: Well, what does this have to do with us?
DONNA: We know who leaked the story.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!