Slow News Day (Episode 512)
First Aired: Monday, 2 February, 2004
Writer: Eli Attie
Director: Julie Hebert

It May Not Be Such A Slow News Day After All
Lobby / Corridors of the West Wing

JOSH: Donna! Tell Will I'm coming over to see him.
DONNA: What about?
JOSH: I've got a little surprise for Senator Gaines. It may not be such a slow news day after all.

You're Asking Me To Spy On Toby?
Bullpen. Josh asks Donna to go above and beyond the call of duty.

DONNA: Guess what? Tweedle-dumb and Tweedle-dumber in the policy shop won't even--
JOSH: Forget about it.
DONNA: Forget about it?
JOSH: I need you to talk to Toby's researcher about her clothes.
DONNA: I thought you didn't want to play fashion cop?
JOSH: Go down there. Talk about pantsuits, find out what Toby's working on.
DONNA: You're asking me to spy on Toby? (she crosses over to him, looking very disturbed, and lowers her voice as she shakes her head) I don't feel comfortable with that.
JOSH: I didn't ask if you felt comfortable. Toby's negotiating away our office furniture--we need to know.
DONNA: I'm supposed to have--
JOSH: Make-up tips. Just ... see what's on her desk.

Many thanks to Misdirection for the wonderful screencaps!

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