Shutdown (Episode 508)
First Aired: Wednesday, 19th November, 2003
Writer: Mark Goffman
Director: Christopher Misiano

He's Bluffing
Lobby of the West Wing. Donna joins Josh, Toby and Will after the budget meeting ends.

JOSH: What happened?
DONNA: There's no agreement.
JOSH: How far apart are we?
DONNA: They're leaving the building.
WILL: Without a continuing resolution?
DONNA: Haffley said the only way he could sell it was with a three percent cut.
TOBY: We had a deal at one percent.
JOSH: He's bluffing.
VICE PRESIDENT RUSSELL: We'll never know, because the President ended the meeting. Will? (they leave)
JOSH: It's only 8:30. We'll get a deal before midnight.
DONNA: I don't know ...

He Meant You
Bullpen. Josh and Donna walk and talk.

DONNA: This is so unfair--we're already understaffed.
JOSH: Yeah.
DONNA: I've cancelled tomorrow's meetings with SBA and the FCC.
JOSH: You do realise you're not a Special Assistant?
DONNA: Thanks for reminding me. How far out do you want me to--
JOSH: Donna, listen carefully--you have to go home.
DONNA: (in total disbelief) Seriously? (realisation dawns on her face) So when Leo said everybody below Special Assistant ...
JOSH: ... he meant you.
(Josh walks away, leaving Donna standing there, frustrated and incredulous)

Don't Take My Laptop
Josh's office. Donna enters with a banker's box full of office supplies.

DONNA: I'm taking stationary, a stapler, three pens of various colours, the Budget files--
JOSH: Why don't you just take them on disk?
DONNA: Because I don't have a computer. Can I take a computer home?
JOSH: Not unless you want three federal agents trailing you home.
DONNA: Do I get to pick which three?
JOSH: I can survive for a day.
DONNA: Is that all it's going to last? A day?
JOSH: Okay, take my laptop. Start a tally of programs affected by the shutdown and e-mail it to me as you go. Don't read anything in the folder marked 'private.' (she gives him a very pointed look) Don't take my laptop.
WILL: You coming? War Room.
DONNA: What's happening?
JOSH: You remember when we went to Atlantic City?
DONNA: We never went to Atlantic City.
JOSH: You remember when I went to Atlantic City and I came back complaining that the pro poker players suck all the fun out of the game? No cigars, no pizza or canned beer?
DONNA: You played one hand.
JOSH: Those guys? They bet the bank when they have a good hand. And you either fold, or you go in all the way with them. I think the President's going to stay in.
DONNA: And how good is Haffley?
JOSH: He's better than anyone we've seen on the other side of the table in a long time.
(Josh leaves, and after a moment, Donna picks up her banker's box and follows suit)

I Want To Come In And Do My Job
Josh's office and Bullpen / Pub. Josh and Donna talk on mobile phones.

DONNA: Josh Lyman's office.
JOSH: Where are you? It's really loud.
DONNA: I went to that shutdown party.
JOSH: So, this list of shutdown effects you faxed--
DONNA: Yeah, the one about the elks overpopulating is true. They've stopped issuing hunting licences.
JOSH: Why'd you put Social Security on the list? It's an entitlement.
DONNA: Yeah, but we sent home the people from the Social Security Administration who run the machines that cut the cheques.
JOSH: The cheques won't go out.
DONNA: Not unless we get the GAO to issue a ruling to bring those guys back in. What did Counsel say about the other thing?
JOSH: It's considered coercion if you come back to work as a volunteer.
DONNA: Oh, but it's not coercion to work on a cell phone and run to Kinko's every ten minutes to send you faxes and e-mails?
JOSH: The AARP considers you essential.
DONNA: When do you think I'll get my essential paycheque? Rent's due end of the month.
JOSH: I'll lend you money.
DONNA: Yeah, but wouldn't that just be emblematic of all these stop-gap continuing resolutions? Taking out a loan, begging for an extension rather than grappling with the hard reality of--
JOSH: You're right--get a cheaper apartment.
DONNA: I want to come in and do my job.
JOSH: Tell me about it.
DONNA: Stop being a baby and just go. Leo's not going to send you an engraved invitation.
JOSH: I don't need calligraphy. He knows where my office is.
DONNA: Well ... yeah. Bye.

I'm Wilt Chamberlain?
Roosevelt Room. Donna enters whilst the Senior Staff are waiting for Bartlet to finish with Haffley.

JOSH: Hey.
DONNA: Don't call the Feds, I'm just dropping off forms for the Treasury employees.
ANGELA: So you're the one who saved Social Security.
WILL: Nice catch.
DONNA: Thanks. I just wish--there's so much going on and I wish I could help more.
JOSH: You ever hear about the NBA rookie who pulled his first rebound the night Will Chamberlain pulled 55?
DONNA: Mmm-mmm.
JOSH: Said it was the proudest day of his life. Together, he and Will went for 34 points and 56 rebounds.
DONNA: I pulled a rebound?
JOSH: You pulled eleven million.
DONNA: (grinning) I'm Wilt Chamberlain?
JOSH: No, you're the rookie.
TOBY: It is worth noting that Philadelphia lost that game.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!