Shibboleth (Epsiode 208)
First Aired: Wednesday, 22nd November, 2000
Teleplay: Aaron Sorkin
Story: Patrick H. Caddell
Director: Laura Innes

This hardly counts as a Josh/Donna scene, but it's all the screentime they got together in this episode!

I'm Dropping Off The Turkeys
Bullpen. Josh, Sam and Toby laze around idly as Donna knocks on the door.

JOSH: (flips a nickel) Yeah?
DONNA: Excuse me, fellas. (to Morton, off-screen) It's okay, you can come in. This is Morton Horn. He's from Jasper Farms, Virginia. Tell them what you're doing here, Morton.
MORTON: I'm dropping off the turkeys.
DONNA: He's dropping off the turkeys.
TOBY: What are ... uh?
DONNA: Nobody left me instructions. He had a pass from the northwest entrance.
MORTON: I'm dropping off the turkeys.
TOBY: Yeah.
MORTON: Where should I put them?
JOSH: CJ's office!
JOSH: I'd definitely put them in CJ's office!
TOBY: Good idea.
JOSH: CJ Cregg's office--
SAM: It's right there--
TOBY: CJ's office is right there--
JOSH: CJ handles all the birds--
TOBY: Donna, will show you--
JOSH: Yeah.
DONNA: Okay ...
TOBY: And Morton? Ms. Cregg is gone for the night, and her office is secure, so you should feel free to let the turkeys out of their cages and allow them to, you know, roam freely--as they were meant to do.
JOSH: Absolutely.
MORTON: Okay ...
TOBY: Okay.
JOSH: Show her who's slacking off. (flips nickel again)
TOBY: Pizza?
JOSH: Yeah.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!