Separation of Powers (Episode 507)
First Aired: Wednesday, 12th November, 2003
Writer: Paul Redford
Director: Alex Graves

Bet You Looked Cute On That Gurney When The Airmen Had To Carry You Off Air Force One
Josh's office / Bullpen / Josh's office. A sick Josh calls for his nursemaid--I mean, Donna--whilst listening to C.J.'s press conference.

JOSH: Donna? (she appears in the doorway) Do we have any pills left from that naval doctor?
DONNA: Admiral Feelgood?
JOSH: The cold and sinus stuff.
DONNA: The ones that made you sing all of 'Bye, Bye Miss American Pie'?
JOSH: It was Harry Chapin. Those big blue things.
DONNA: Bet you looked cute on that gurney when the airmen had to carry you off Air Force One.
(they walk out to the Bullpen)
JOSH: C.J.'s making that up.
DONNA: I've got some echinacea.
JOSH: No, nothing natural--I need the industrial strength, full-throttle, Roto-Rooter stuff.
DONNA: Bertram from the Times called.
JOSH: About what?
DONNA: The budget stalemate.
JOSH: I don't know anything.
DONNA: That's what I told him--I mean, not exactly. I said you were busy with, you know, things, and you can't do press calls.
JOSH: You should have said I was in the Oval. Didn't it occur to you to say I was in the Oval?
DONNA: I said you were working on the President's trip to Japan. (Josh takes the medication) You're only supposed to take one. Stay away from heavy machinery ...
(he pours himself a cup of coffee to wash down the pills)
JOSH: Fortunately, Pa and I brought in the last of the winter wheat yesterday, so I don't have to operate the combine.
DONNA: What happens if we don't get a budget deal?
JOSH: Get another continuing resolution.
DONNA: See, here's what I don't get: Every year we take these budget extensions, like the dog ate our homework--
JOSH: The Republican majority, but you're close.
DONNA: How come people aren't outraged? The rest of the country can't take endless amounts of time to finish their work.
JOSH: You're forgetting the beauty of the federal budget process.
DONNA: What's that?
JOSH: No one understands it.
DONNA: Hmph ... yeah.

What Am I, Chattel?
Bullpen / Josh's office. Josh and Donna walk and talk.

DONNA: What am I, chattel? There's a request for everything we've got on the budget from Angela Blake's office.
JOSH: Yeah, I authorised it.
DONNA: (surprised) You did?
JOSH: Yep.
DONNA: You know, they've also asked me to go with the files--a living index, if you will, for Angela Blake.
JOSH: We can call her Angela now.
DONNA: You authorised that, too?
JOSH: Sure. Hamarashi ever get specifics on the--
DONNA: --trade bill? (she picks up a file and hands it to him) Right here.

Not a Josh and Donna scene, but an interesting insight into the dynamics of their relationship

Josh's office. He blows his nose loudly when Margaret enters with news of Donna.

MARGARET: Hey, how you feeling?
JOSH: (overly enthusiastic) Good!
MARGARET: (she hands him a folder) The President's Osaka remarks on opening Japan's microchip market, and complaining about autos and flat glass.
JOSH: Flat glaaass! Excellent! (Margaret gives him a patented Margaret look) It's a new thing I'm doing ... kind of a positive attitude thing.
MARGARET: Just thought I'd check to see if you needed anything. Donna's still helping Angela.
JOSH: Still?
MARGARET: Yeah ... I guess the negotiations went pretty late after two. They're due to resume in about 20 minutes.
JOSH: (incredulously) Donna's in the budget negotiations?
MARGARET: (she gives him a tight little smile and nods) I guess.
JOSH: (with forced enthusiasm) Outstanding!
(Margaret gives him another patented look and pained smile as she leaves, turning once to glance at him over her shoulder)

You're Saying It Was Me?
Roosevelt Room. Josh enters after the budget negotiations meeting is over. He has a few words with Leo before Leo leaves, then turns to Angela.

JOSH: At least be ...
ANGELA: (sharply) What?
JOSH: I don't know ...embarrassed.
DONNA: It wasn't her.
JOSH: What?
DONNA: You know the hand she was dealt.
JOSH: (softly) You're saying it was me?
DONNA: No. I'm sayng we may have won on a landslide but we didn't take Congress with us, and now it looks like we're not taking the country with us, and the other guys know it. (apologetically) I've got to get back to work.
JOSH: (he watches her leave, a bitter look on his face) It's nice when you make new friends.
ANGELA: You know, all this time she's been fighting for you--for you and your plan to send everyone to college.

Josh's office. Donna informs him about the arrival of the Speaker and Senators to discuss the budget.

DONNA: They're here.
(Donna and Josh walk from his office to Will's, where the three of them watch the Speaker and Senators walk through the lobby and corridors)
JOSH: They all here?
WILL: Yeah.
JOSH: (whispers) Go. (Donna looks at him, startled) Go. (she glances at him one last time, then leaves)

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!