Josh & Donna Scenes

Season 1

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc
A Proportional Response
Five Votes Down
The Crackpots & These Women
Mr. Willis of Ohio
The State Dinner
The Short List
In Excelsis Deo
Lord John Marbury
He Shall, From Time to Time
Take Out The Trash Day
Take This Sabbath Day
Celestial Navigation
20 Hours in L.A.
The White House Pro-Am
Six Meetings Before Lunch
Let Bartlet Be Bartlet
Mandatory Minimums
Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
What Kind of Day Has It Been

Season 2

In The Shadow of Two Gunmen (I)
In The Shadow of Two Gunmen (II)
The Midterms
In This White House
And It's Surely To Their Credit
The Lame Duck Congress
The Portland Trip
The Leadership Breakfast
The Drop In
Bartlet's Third State of the Union
The War at Home
Somebody's Going To Emergency ...
The Stackhouse Filibuster
17 People
Bad Moon Rising
The Fall's Gonna Kill You
18th & Potomac
Two Cathedrals

Season 3

Isaac & Ishmael
Manchester (I)
Manchester (II)
Ways and Means
On The Day Before
War Crimes
Gone Quiet
The Indians in the Lobby
The Women of Qumar
Bartlet For America
H.CON 172
100,000 Airplanes
The Two Bartlets
Night Five
Hartsfield's Landing
Dead Irish Writers
The U.S. Poet Laureate
Enemies Foreign & Domestic
The Black Vera Wang
We Killed Yamamoto
Posse Comitatus

Season 4

20 Hours In America (I)
20 Hours In America (II)
College Kids
The Red Mass
Debate Camp
Game On
Election Night
Process Stories
Swiss Diplomacy
Arctic Radar
Holy Night
Guns Not Butter
The Long Goodbye
Inauguration (I)
Inauguration (II): Over There
California 47th
Red Haven's On Fire
Angel Maintenance
Evidence of Things Not Seen
Life On Mars
Twenty Five

Season 5

7A WF 83429
The Dogs of War
Jefferson Lives
Constituency of One
Disaster Relief
Separation of Powers
Abu El Banat
The Stormy Present
The Benign Prerogative
Slow News Day
The Warfare of Genghis Khan
An Khe
Full Disclosure
Eppur Si Muove
The Supremes
Talking Points
No Exit
Memorial Day

Season 6

NSF Thurmont
The Birnam Wood
Third-Day Story
The Hubbert Peak
The Dover Test
A Change Is Gonna Come
In The Room
Impact Winter
Faith Based Initiative
Opposition Research
365 Days
King Corn
The Wake Up Call
Drought Conditions
A Good Day
La Palabra
Ninety Miles Away
In God We Trust
Things Fall Apart
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Season 7

The Ticket
The Mommy Problem
Message of the Week
Mr Frost
Here Today
The Al Smith Dinner
The Debate
The Wedding
Running Mates
Internal Displacement
Duck and Cover
The Cold
Two Weeks Out
Welcome To Wherever You Are
Election Day (I)
Election Day (II)
The Last Hurrah
Institutional Memory

RIP John Spencer 1946 - 2005