Running Mates (Episode 710)
First Aired: Sunday, 8th January, 2006
Writer: Peter Noah
Director: Paul McCrane

Josh, Chill
Santos-McGarry Campaign Headquarters / campaign SUV. Josh (at HQ) and Donna (in the back of the SUV, with Santos and Bram) discuss Santos's visit home and the chain of command.

JOSH: He understands this is his last trip home until the election, right?
DONNA: I have no idea, does he?
JOSH: Let me put it another way--tell him this is his last trip home until the election.
DONNA: You didn't tell him?
JOSH: Not in so many words.
DONNA: In any words?
SANTOS: Tell me what?
DONNA: Josh says this is your last trip home until the election.
JOSH: Donna!
DONNA: What?
JOSH: Some deftness ... a little ... finesse!
SANTOS: I know.
DONNA: (to Josh) He knows.
JOSH: That's not the point!
SANTOS: Tell Josh to chill.
DONNA: Josh, chill.
JOSH: Did you just tell me to chill?
DONNA: It would appear so.
JOSH: Is it somehow not clear that I'm your boss?
DONNA: Congressman's recommendation ...
DONNA: ... with which I heartily concur.
JOSH: I don't think you tell me to chill.
DONNA: I wanted to scream it every day for eight years.
JOSH: Whatever inhibition prevented you, summon it.
RONNA: It's here.
JOSH: I gotta go. (ends call)

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencap!