Requiem (Episode 718)
First Aired: Sunday, 16th April, 2006
Writers: Eli Attie, John Wells and Debora Cahn
Director: Steve Shill

Though not a Josh and Donna scene, it gives some interesting insight into their relationship.

It's Complicated
Charlie's office (!). Donna stops by for a chat, and Charlie brings up a difficult subject.

DONNA: Hey, look at you--office with your name on it.
CHARLIE: Yeah, got a door and everything.
DONNA: How does that feel? I never got above a cubicle around here. (she sits on the arm of the couch)
CHARLIE: Feels great--not that it's going to last long. New sheriff's coming to town.
DONNA: You talk to Josh? I'm sure he'd be happy to cons--
CHARLIE: What about you? Josh going to carve out a little corner for you to settle into?
DONNA: Oh, a lot's on his plate right now.
CHARLIE: He owes you big. Anything short of Secretary of Commerce, you've got to challenge him to a duel.
DONNA: Pistols or sabres?
CHARLIE: I'm serious. He really hasn't talked to you yet?
DONNA: (shrugs) Election day was only three days ago. (Charlie makes a face as if to say that's no excuse, and Donna stands up and walks over to him) ... It's complicated.
CHARLIE: You want me to slap him around a bit? I can round up a few guys from the old neighbourhood.
DONNA: (smiles as she heads towards the door) People are starting to gather in the lobby for the thing.
CHARLIE: (incredulous) Josh really hasn't asked you to--
DONNA: Come on, Charlie. (she cocks her head towards the door) Buy a girl a drink. (she gives him a brief smile and leaves; Charlie follows her out)

Whilst it pains me tremendously to include any scene that includes a reference to Amy Gardner in any way, shape or form, it was unfortunately inevitable here, as it relates to Josh and Donna.

I Decided A Few Years Back That Was Not An Efficient Use Of My Time
Reception after Leo's funeral, Lobby of the West Wing.

AMY: (off camera) Hello, stranger.
JOSH: (he walks towards her) I thought I saw you.
AMY: There was a crowd, I didn't want to hover.
JOSH: You could have rescued me.
AMY: I decided a few years back that was not an efficient use of my time. (Josh smiles, but it doesn't reach his eyes) How are you holding up?
JOSH: Great.
AMY: Can I steal you for a minute?
(Amy leads Josh away as Donna watches, sipping a glass of wine)

So, It's Okay To Have Sex In A Hotel, But Not In My Apartment?
Reception after Leo's funeral, Lobby of the West Wing. Immediately following an intense professional conversation with Amy, Josh has an intense personal conversation with Donna.

DONNA: Donald Sherman's looking for you--you should flee. He's after Deputy Leg. Affairs. He had me cornered talking about what a way he has with the leadership.
JOSH: Okay.
DONNA: He spits little bubbles when he talks.
JOSH: Is the President still here?
DONNA: Uh, he left a little while ago, but he invited a few people up to the Residence later.
JOSH: What about the President-Elect, did he leave, too?
DONNA: I think he's on the phone in the Roosevelt Room.
JOSH: Great. (he seems lost in thought for several seconds, then leads Donna over to a bench to sit) Do you still have a ... key to my apartment?
DONNA: I've had a key for six years--did you change the lock?
JOSH: No. You should come over later.
DONNA: That's sweet. I can't.
JOSH: Why not? I thought the twitchy chick from Treasury was in your place?
DONNA: She is. So I asked CJ if I could stay with her.
JOSH: So un-ask her.
DONNA: I can't.
JOSH: Why not?
DONNA: She'll ask why.
JOSH: So lie.
DONNA: She's my friend.
JOSH: You didn't want to ask me if you could stay over?
DONNA: I didn't know if we were at that point.
JOSH: So, it's okay to have sex in a hotel, but not in my apartment?
DONNA: It's a step--some people get uncomfortable. I assumed you'd be one of those people.
JOSH: (incredulous) Uncomfortable with sex in my apartment?
DONNA: (softly) Are you really going to try to convince me that I'm the one finds this all awkward and hard to navigate?
JOSH: No. (he looks away)
DONNA: Thanks for asking, though. It's sweet.
(she leaves, and Danny sits down next to Josh. Sighing, he looks over to CJ, who is talking with Margaret in the distance, then looks back over to Josh, almost knowingly)
DANNY: Nice wake.

Sales Pitch Is A Little Flimsy
Reception after Leo's funeral, Lobby of the West Wing. Amy tries (and fails) to find Josh a new person to have sex and civilised conversation with ... in front of the current person he's having sex and civilised (albeit sort of strained) conversation with.

JOSH: The President-Elect wants to talk with you about Carol Gelsey.
AMY: Really?
JOSH: Yes.
AMY: You're a good man. You have a good soul. (she smiles flirtily) And nice hair.
JOSH: (pauses for several seconds, as if debating how to respond to that) How's the ... lumberjack?
AMY: He's a wood sculptor--and he's happy all the time, which I used to find irritating and no longer do.
JOSH: Really.
AMY: He doesn't race me anywhere.
JOSH: That's great.
AMY: It's civilised.
JOSH: That's ... what it sounds like.
AMY: Don't mock--you should try it.
JOSH: Sure.
AMY: I have a name for you.
JOSH: (sighs) We already did VP--if you try and staff my whole cabinet--
AMY: (talking over him) No ... for you. For sex, and civilised conversation.
JOSH: Sales pitch is a little flimsy.
AMY: Sarah Potrero. She's a good friend, and you don't deserve her, but the world's a cold place.
JOSH: (flatly) We shouldn't do this.
AMY: It's time, Joshua. You're approaching the age where people shake their heads and roll their eyes.
JOSH: Now you're channeling my mother.
(Donna walks up)
DONNA: We should get up to the Residence. (Amy turns away and actually rolls her eyes) The Post heard a rumour Max Manitoba's up for a cabinet post--did that come from us?
DONNA: Okay, I'll squash it.
AMY: (with her back to Donna) Do you know Sarah Potrero?
DONNA: From Justice? (she walks over to Amy at the buffet table)
AMY: Yeah. Don't you think Josh should give her a call?
JOSH: For a date.
DONNA: (sharply turns her head towards Josh) With you?
AMY: Don't you think it's enough already?
JOSH: I'm withering on the vine.
DONNA: (eating) Sarah's a great idea. She's a real sweetheart.
AMY: See? She's inside the Beltway but outside the building--you'd have a lot to talk about but wouldn't step on each other's heels. She's ready for something long-term; you should pretend you are, too.
JOSH: (sighs) Sure.
AMY: It's what the grown-ups do.
(Santos walks up)
SANTOS: What exactly do the grown-ups do?
AMY: Mr President-Elect.
SANTOS: Amy. So good to see you.
JOSH: (puts his hand on Donna's back and ushers her in front of him) We'll let you guys catch up--we will go far, far away.

Okay, This Is Getting Weird
Corridors of the West Wing. Josh and Donna walk and talk on their way to the Residence.

DONNA: CJ wanted you to stop by on our way up to the Residence.
JOSH: Yeah, sure.
DONNA: Sarah's a doll.
JOSH: Stop.
DONNA: (smiling) Smart, cute, nice body--
JOSH: (smiling back) Okay, this is getting weird. (to Margaret, as they reach CJ's office) Is she in there?
MARGARET: Go ahead, she's expecting you.
(Josh enters and Donna joins the little group of people around Margaret, who are listening to her endearingly discuss the precise construction of Leo's sandwiches)

RIP John Spencer 1946 - 2005

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!