Red Haven's On Fire (Episode 417)
First Aired: Wednesday, 26th February 2003
Teleplay: Aaron Sorkin
Story: Mark Goffman and Debora Chan
Director: Alex Graves

My Bad
Air Force One. Josh and Donna walk and talk.

JOSH: Hey, Trotsky.
DONNA: Yeah?
JOSH: The First Lady's going to fly out to California tomorrow and do the President's public events. Would you let CJ know that she should stay? She was going to take a red-eye back.
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: Also, Charlie should stay and staff the First Lady.
DONNA: Okay. Speaking of the First Lady, you have that meeting with Max in the morning.
JOSH: Yeah. Max is taken care of.
DONNA: All right. The HHS chapter of the submission is ready for you to proofread--you want me to do it?
JOSH: Thing is, I'm really supposed to do it myself.
DONNA: Yes, but you don't do it yourself, so you want me to do it?
JOSH: You took a meeting with a Communist, Donna.
DONNA: Because you sent me there!
JOSH: Yeah, fair enough. My bad.
DONNA: You want me to proofread this?
JOSH: Yes, please.

Well. A Whole New Chapter Begins.
Bullpen. Donna conveys some shocking (and particularly horrible) news to Josh.

DONNA: You got a fax from Amy.
JOSH: What did she say?
DONNA: Looks like it's just some campaign updates.
JOSH: Read it to me.
DONNA: "Low dollar program capped at 37 K ... three new national endorsements, including Sierra, Club and NARAL ... ladder on promise of opposition to partial birth ban... Mrs. B says--"
MADDIE: Hey, Josh!
JOSH: Yeah.
MADDIE: Did you sign off on 40 million from the immunization fund to be earmarked for immunization education?
JOSH: Yeah.
MADDIE: Really?
JOSH: Yeah.
MADDIE: Okay, I thought you settled that with the First Lady's office?
JOSH: Yeah. Wait--what?
MADDIE: Hi, how you doing? Maddie Tatenham, we've worked together for two years.
JOSH: Did you say immunization education?
MADDIE: Yeah. Vaccines and the HHS budget. You moved 40 million from nutrition services in the--
JOSH: I didn't move anything!
MADDIE: It's in the HHS final.
JOSH: Let me see that. (he grabs the report from her and skims it, confused) This isn't what we had this morning.
MADDIE: Well, they said the change was made in the galleys. Didn't you proofread it?
JOSH: I don't know. (to Donna) Did I proofread it?
DONNA: Yeah ... but you proofread it to make sure capital was spelled with an 'a' and not an 'o'. You didn't proofread it --
JOSH: To make sure it reflected what we agreed to? I didn't do that?
DONNA: Not as such ... no.
JOSH: Who moved the money?
MADDIE: I don't know.
JOSH: Whoever moved the money knew that I don't proofread these things.
MADDIE: Well then, it must have been Max.
JOSH: Max doesn't know anything.
MADDIE: Then I give up.
JOSH: Boy, you're really leaving no stone unturned, aren't you?
DONNA: Don't yell at her!
JOSH: (he turns to Donna and sighs in exasperation, then understanding dawns on his face) Read me the rest of the fax.
DONNA: What?
JOSH: How did she ... read--read me the fax.
DONNA: "Ladder on promise of oppostion of partial birth ban ... Mrs. B says you're encouraging her ... to hire a new Chief of Staff ... Need Treasury breakdown of cap gains cut ... First Lady took your advice--she just hired me." (beat, as Josh looks up, alarmed) "Weather here is 74 degrees and partly cloudy." Well. (she plasters a completely false smile on her face whilst struggling to keep the sarcasm out of her voice) A whole new chapter begins.
JOSH: Yeah. (he walks away, looking totally horrified)

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!