Privateers (Episode 418)
First Aired: Wednesday, 26th March 2003
Teleplay: Paul Redford, Debora Cahn & Aaron Sorkin
Story: Paul Redford & Debora Cahn
Director: Alex Graves

The Secret Service Needs Us To Babysit Someone
Donna's desk. Donna and Josh talk before and after his meeting with Amy.

JOSH: Donna, I need to speak to someone from the Council's office.
(Josh and Amy meet briefly in his office to discuss the bill the First Lady wants the President to veto. The only thing worth mentioning here is that he shouts for Donna halfway through their conversation. After Amy leaves, he walks out to find Donna again.)
JOSH: Donna?
DONNA: Yeah?
JOSH: Did you get me in with the Council's office?
DONNA: They're all in a meeting until after lunch.
JOSH: All right--after lunch, then?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: Hey, you know you really wanted to go to the DAR reception tonight?
DONNA: I didn't want to go to the reception.
JOSH: Well, you're going. The Secret Service needs us to babysit someone. One of the Daughters of the American Revolution is also the daughter of the ranking member of House Armed Services.
DONNA: So she needs to be shadowed?
JOSH: Not her, her date. Matthew Lambert, 26, was arrested when he was 21 and a senior at Emerson. He was arrested for selling drugs and found guilty of a felony, and the Secret Service won't let him in unless someone who's credentialed is watching him.
DONNA: Or just stay with him the whole night.
JOSH: Yeah, and he won't know why, so try to be cool.
DONNA: He won't know why?
JOSH: Or his girlfriend, I would think. After lunch with the Council's office?
DONNA: Can I talk to him?
JOSH: If you want, but ... don't tell him we regard him as a security risk. It's just, you know, hospitable.
DONNA: Yeah.

This Wasn't On Laverne And Shirley?
Daughters of the American Revolution reception. Josh and Donna spy on Matthew Lambert and his date from afar.

DONNA: This is ridiculous.
JOSH: Why? You don't have to make a big deal out of it--he doesn't have to know he's being tailed.
DONNA: This wasn't on Laverne and Shirley?
JOSH: It may have been.
DONNA: I loathe you.
JOSH: Okay.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!