The Portland Trip (Episode 207)
First Aired: Wednesday, 15th November, 2000
Teleplay: Aaron Sorkin
Story: Paul Redford
Director: Paris Barclay

Pity The Girl Who Tries To Get Something Past You, Josh
Josh's Office / Bullpen. While Josh talks to Leo on the phone, Donna enters and begins turning off the lights.

JOSH: ... Anyway, I'm going to meet with, uh, Matt Skinner.
LEO: Tonight?
JOSH: Yeah.
LEO: He's going to say the language in the bill doesn't prohibit--
JOSH: Yeah, but it creates a federal definition.
(Donna turns off Josh's lamp, then his laptop computer)
LEO: Still, the state will level it.
JOSH: Yeah. Are you sticking around tonight?
(Donna lifts Josh's legs from his desk and picks up several folders)
LEO: The President's going to have to make a decision from the plane.
JOSH: Okay. I have to go, Donna's about to seize the phone.
LEO: All right.
JOSH: Leo ... he likes long plane rides.
LEO: Yeah.
(they hang up just as Donna switches out the last light in Josh's office)
JOSH: Can I have the electricity back on?
(she leaves, and he follows her out)
JOSH: Why?
DONNA: It's time to go.
JOSH: Not for me. Matt Skinner's coming down from the Hill.
DONNA: When did this happen?
JOSH: Two minutes ago. Do you have plans?
DONNA: Did I have plans.
JOSH: Did you?
DONNA: Look at me!
JOSH: (he takes in her very hot, slinky red backless dress) Hey, you look good.
DONNA: Yes, I do!
JOSH: You weren't wearing that during the day today.
DONNA: Pity the girl who tries to get something past you, Josh.
JOSH: Did you steal that dress?
DONNA: I bought this dress.
JOSH: But you're returning it tomorrow.
DONNA: Yes I am.
JOSH: That's stealing.
DONNA: I'm giving it back!
JOSH: After wearing it once.
DONNA: There's a word for this.
JOSH: It's stealing!
DONNA: I'm a girl on a budget, Josh. I'm being thrifty.
JOSH: And felonious. What are your plans?
DONNA: Look--
JOSH: What are your plans?
DONNA: We are having drinks, we are having dinner, we are dancing, we are having dessert.
JOSH: No problem. You can do all those things except for the drinks, the dancing and the dessert.
DONNA: Josh--
JOSH: You need to be done with dinner in an hour and five minutes.
DONNA: Do you see what I'm wearing? (she flashes open her coat)
JOSH: If you want to have sex, you better do it during dinner.
DONNA: This is the guy, Josh. This is a great guy. His name is Todd.
JOSH: You met him for five minutes at a party.
DONNA: I got the good vibe.
JOSH: Okay.
DONNA: I have an excellent sense about these things.
JOSH: Actually, you have no sense about these things. You have no vibe, you have terrible taste in men, and your desire to be coupled up will always and forever drown out any small sense of self or self-worth that you may have.
DONNA: (beat) You're a downer, you know that? I'm calling you Deputy Downer from now on.
JOSH: Be back by the time I'm done with Skinner!

This is not a Josh and Donna scene, but I thought it gave some rather interesting insight into their relationship

Because I Say So
Josh's office. Skinner enters.

JOSH: Hey, Matt.
SKINNER: You let Donna out?
JOSH: Temporarily. She's having dinner.
SKINNER: Oh? With who?
JOSH: Oh, a guy she has no future with.
SKINNER: Why no future?
JOSH: Because I say so. You want some coffee or something?

How Was Your Date?
White House Mess. Josh and Skinner talk as Donna approaches.

DONNA: Excuse me.
JOSH: Hey.
DONNA: I'm back.
SKINNER: Hey, Donna.
DONNA: Hi, Congressman.
SKINNER: How was your date?
DONNA: Uh, it was good. (beat) Josh, I'll be around.
JOSH: Thanks.
(Josh starts to say something, but instead watches Donna walk out of the Mess and down the corridor)

You Looked Really Great In That Dress Tonight, Donna
Bullpen / Corridors of the West Wing. Josh and Donna walk and talk.

JOSH: I'm going to talk to Leo.
AINSLEY: I'll see you guys Monday.
DONNA: Goodnight.
JOSH: Take it easy.
DONNA: Did you know she played the trombone?
JOSH: I didn't.
DONNA: Tonight stunk, Josh.
JOSH: I'm sorry about that.
DONNA: I didn't mean having to work, although that was a treat. I meant the guy.
JOSH: Who was he?
DONNA: Lobbyist with Travis West. He was pretty full of himself and without a lot of cause to be.
JOSH: An obnoxious insurance lobbyist--what were the odds?
DONNA: It wasn't funny, Josh.
JOSH: I've got to go see Leo.
DONNA: I'll call you in the morning.
JOSH: You looked really great in that dress tonight, Donna. (beat) You should buy it for yourself.
(she gives him a long look before walking away)

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!