Pilot (Episode 101)
First Aired: Wednesday, 22nd September, 1999
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Thomas Schlamme

Donna Brought You Coffee?
Josh's office. Donna enters, bearing a rare gift--a cup of coffee.

DONNA: You shouldn't have worn that tie on television. It bleeds.
JOSH: I don't think it's the tie that got me in trouble.
DONNA: Yeah, but I've told you a zillion times.
JOSH: What's that?
DONNA: It's coffee.
JOSH: I thought so.
DONNA: I brought you some coffee.
JOSH: What's going on, Donna?
DONNA: Nothing's goi--
JOSH: Donna.
DONNA: I brought you some coffee.
JOSH: Close the door. (she closes it) Donnatella Moss, when did you start working for me?
DONNA: During the campaign.
JOSH: And how long have you been my assistant?
DONNA: A year and a half.
JOSH: And when was the last time you brought me a cup of coffee? (beat) It was never. You've never brought me a cup of coffee.
DONNA: If you're gonna make a big deal out--
JOSH: Donna, if I get fired, I get fired.
DONNA: Do you think he's gonna do it?
JOSH: (beat) No. (knock at the door)
TOBY: It's Toby.
DONNA: You won that election for him. You and Leo and CJ and Sam.
TOBY: Open the damn door!
DONNA: And him.
JOSH: Thanks for the coffee.
DONNA: You're welcome.
TOBY: Donna brought you coffee?
DONNA: (off screen) Shut up.

All The Girls Think You Look Really Hot In This Shirt
Josh's Office. Donna is trying to coax Josh into changing his clothes before he meets with Mary Marsh.

DONNA: Put it on.
DONNA: You've been wearing the same clothes for 31 hours now, Josh.
JOSH: I'm not getting spruced up for these people, Donna.
DONNA: All the girls think you look really hot in this shirt.
JOSH: Gimme that.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!