NSF Thurmont (Episode 601)
First Aired: Wednesday, 20th October, 2004
Writer: John Wells
Director: Alex Graves

Hospital corridor, Germany. As Josh and Colin anxiously wait, a doctor approaches them with news of Donna.

DOCTOR: Miss Moss was experiencing shortness of breath and chest pain. Her chest CT revealed a blood clot in her right lung. She asked if she could see you for a moment before we put her under.
COLIN: Me? (as he says this, Josh turns away dejectedly)
DOCTOR: Uh, no. Mr. Lyman.
(A scrubs-and-mask-clad Josh enters the operating theatre where Donna lies conscious on the operating table, holding a black marker and a small pad of paper)
JOSH: (softly, after staring at her for a moment) I just talked to the doctor ... they said it's no big deal.
(Donna scribbles something on the pad of paper and shows it to Josh: "Nice hat")
JOSH: Yeah, stylish, huh? (Donna laughs very weakly, but Josh's voice is very grave) Did they tell you what they're going to do? It's going to be a snap.
(Donna scribbles something else on the pad of paper: "Scared". Josh looks very much like he's going to cry.)
JOSH: (barely a whisper) Yeah ... don't be. (Donna makes a whimpering noise) You'll be fine, okay?
DOCTOR: Okay, Donna, here we go.
(Donna grabs Josh's hand as he slowly lets go of hers)

Not a Josh and Donna scene, yet very much a Josh-and-Donna scene.

Past Dalliance Gone Bad, Or Tragically Unconsummated Love Kept At Arm's Length By Puritanical American Workplace Ethics?
Hospital corridor, presumably the wee hours of the morning. Josh and Colin attempt to get some rest as they wait for news of the surgery.

COLIN: So you fly halfway around the world, at a moment's notice, to rush to a woman's bedside, when the White House is facing off a Biblical apocalypse?
JOSH: We work together.
COLIN: Past dalliance gone bad, or tragically unconsummated love kept at arm's length by Puritanical American workplace ethics?
JOSH: What the hell are you talking about?
COLIN: There was this girl when I was 16--no, 17--
JOSH: This when you were a bag man for the IRA?
COLIN: --she was mad about me--worshipped me, really--and I liked her, but I was off to university in Dublin and she was going to stay in Belfast, work in her Da's shop--
JOSH: (anxiously) This is taking too long ... isn't this taking too long?
COLIN: --she wrote to me every single day, and she called weekends ... she was always there. And I took her for granted, you know?
(Josh stares at Colin a beat)
DOCTOR: Mr. Lyman?
(both Josh and Colin immediately spring to their feet)
JOSH: How's she doing?
DOCTOR: We encountered a few difficulties during the procedure--she lost a substantial amount of blood. We had to transfuse and call in a vascular surgeon to repair the tear.
COLIN: Is she going to be all right?
DOCTOR: She's still unconscious. As soon as she stabilises, we'll send her off for an MRI. Between the anemia and low blood pressure, she may have suffered hypoxic brain injury. Decreased oxygen delivery can result in brain damage.
(Josh's face (and Colin's to be fair, but not nearly as much) is a mask of grief and shock)

I'm Still Here
Donna's hospital room. She lies unconscious as Josh sits beside her, listening to the news.

DONNA: (barely a whisper) Josh ... Josh? (several seconds pass) ... Josh?
(Josh is so overcome, he can't speak and just stares at her, mouth agape, for several seconds)
JOSH: (barely a whisper) Hey ... you're awake. Your mom is here. Colin took her downstairs for some, I don't know, some schnitzel or something.
DONNA: You're still here.
JOSH: Yeah. (beat) I'm still here.
(Donna looks at him, and the camera pans back and fades out as Josh tenderly adjusts her blanket around her)

Many thanks to Misdirection for the wonderful screencaps!