Night Five (Episode 313)
First Aired: Wednesday, 6th February, 2002
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Christopher Misiano

I Got Offered A Job Tonight
Bullpen. Donna returns from her meeting with Casey to find Josh flipping through files

JOSH: Where have you been?
DONNA: I told you I was going out.
JOSH: For an hour?
DONNA: Well ... yeah.
JOSH: There's an editorial on sugar subsidies in the International Herald Tribune--make sure Leo gets a copy. Also, make sure you send me home with a congressional face book.
JOSH: I'm still mixing up Cooper and Hooper.
JOSH: Because Cooper sounds a lot like Hooper. What does it matter? Just--
DONNA: I got offered a job tonight.
JOSH: What do you mean?
DONNA: You know Casey Reid?
DONNA: We went to college together.
JOSH: That's where you were?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: At a job interview?
DONNA: It wasn't a job interview, we were meeting for a drink.
JOSH: What's the job?
DONNA: He has an Internet start-up.
JOSH: What kind of site?
DONNA: Commentary. He asked me to be Issues Director.
JOSH: Issues Director.
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: For an Internet start-up.
DONNA: Dot-coms aren't dying. Just the hype.
JOSH: Really?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: Sounds like the hype's alive and well, too.
DONNA: I suppose.
JOSH: You suppose.
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: You can't be thinking about taking a job that may not be around a year from now.
DONNA: This job may not be around a year from now.
JOSH: He offered you money?
DONNA: Yeah!
JOSH: Well, all I can offer you is a title bump.
DONNA: Like what?
JOSH: Senior Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Planning.
DONNA: That's my title now.
JOSH: Then I can't offer you a title bump. The sugar subsidy editorial and the face book, okay? (to himself) Cooper and Hooper.

Not really a Josh and Donna scene, but the look between them speaks volumes.

He Was Killed In An Ambush
Bullpen. Donna, CJ and discuss the situation with the missing reporter as Josh approaches

JOSH: Listen ...
LEONARD WALLACE: What do you know?
JOSH: Akime Mambo, who's the MaiMai rebel commander, sent word through a crew that was filming in Goma.
CJ: Oh God ...
JOSH: Yeah. He was killed in an ambush. The embassy in Kinshasa is going to get the body.
(CJ and Leonard confront the reporter's wife as Donna watches them from the bullpen. She turns towards Josh's office, where he stands, looking at her, then begins to walk towards him)

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!