Memorial Day (Episode 522)
First Aired: Wednesday, 19th May 2004
Writer: John Sacret Young and Josh Singer
Director: Christopher Misiano

Josh watches the President's address to the nation from Donna's hospital room

You Need To Shave
Donna's hospital room, Germany. Donna groans as the nurse glances up at the monitor.

NURSE: Hi there. You just wake up?
DONNA: (whispers) My mouth is dry.
NURSE: Let me get you some water.
JOSH: (looks wide-eyed with shocked; his voice is hoarse) Hey.
DONNA: What happened to you?
JOSH: To me?
DONNA: You need to shave.
JOSH: I-I haven't really had time--
DONNA: Where am I?
JOSH: You're in Germany.
DONNA: (looks around) Doesnt look like Germany.
JOSH: You're actually in a military--
NURSE: (brings Donna a glass of water) Here you go, honey.
DONNA: She's not German.
NURSE: (laughs) This is true. Just squeeze that clicker if it hurts--it's a morphine drip. It's going to take some time to orient yourself.
DONNA: He needs to shave.
NURSE: Wouldnt hurt. I'm just going to draw a little blood. (Josh flinches) If you need to step outside ...?
JOSH: I'm fine. (he looks away as the nurse inserts the needle, then looks back) I'll be right back.

I'm Here As Long As I Need To Be Here
Donna's hospital room. Josh is propped up in a chair watching the news as Donna sleeps.

DONNA: What are you watching?
JOSH: Nothing. (he switches the TV off with the remote) How do you feel? They left a lunch tray earlier.
DONNA: I'm not hungry.
JOSH: German chocolate cake?
DONNA: Really, I'm kind of nauseous.
JOSH: Okay. Your mom's on the way to New York. She's going to take the red-eye tonight.
DONNA: How long are you staying?
JOSH: I don't know. Figure I hang around long enough, one of the nurses is bound to give me a sponge bath.
DONNA: Leo doesn't need you to--
JOSH: I'm here as long as I need to be here. (they look at each other for a long beat) You want Jell-O?
(Josh's mobile phone rings)
DONNA: I don't want to talk to anybody.
JOSH: Okay. (into phone) Hey, CJ.
CJ: How is she?
JOSH: She's fine. I mean, she was singing tunes from My Fair Lady earlier, but I think it was just the morphine.
CJ: Can I talk to her?
JOSH: Uh, we're actually in intermission right now.
CJ: But ... she really is all right?
JOSH: I'm telling you, she was doing this whole Julie Andrews thing. (he walks out into the hospital corridor)
CJ: Have you seen the news?
(just then, Colin approaches, carrying a large bouquet of flowers)
COLIN: (whispers) Donna Moss?
JOSH: Uh-huh. (watches Colin watching Donna)
CJ: Do you think we need to--
JOSH: You need to come out fighting--leak a force depletion report and blueprints for the invasion. (Josh continues to watch as Colin enters the room and walks to Donna's bedside, laying the bouquet on the bed)
CJ: Invasion?
JOSH: (Josh watches in shock as Colin tenderly touches one of Donna's toes) Okay, that may be a little bit--
CJ: Josh? ... Josh?
(Colin leans over and kisses Donna as Josh continues to stare at them, dumbfounded)

Sure ... In A Bodice-Ripping, Heathcliff On The Moors, I'm-Too-Sexy-For-My-Camera Sort Of Way
Nighttime, Donna's hospital room. Colin walks up to Josh as he watches the news on TV concerning the situation in the Middle East.

COLIN: They do get it you know, despite the rhetoric. (puts on his coat) Palestinians realise if they've got any chance at real peace, it's with you guys as brokers. Be a shame to see that blown.
JOSH: So, you two, uh, spend a lot of time together over there?
COLIN: Uh (glances back over at Donna) ... some.
JOSH: Huh. (beat) Pretty long flight from Gaza to Germany.
COLIN: Not really. (smiles wryly) It's nothing compared to the flight from DC. (Josh smiles) Look, she didn't mention ... anything. You know, if this is going to be an issue, then--
JOSH: No, no issue.
(Donna groans, reaching for her clicker)
COLIN: You all right? (Colin and Josh come to her bedside)
DONNA: Where's the ...
JOSH: The what?
COLIN: Here it is.
DONNA: Morphine ...
COLIN: Yep. (he picks up the clicker and places it in Donna's hand. It is heard clicking repeatedly as Colin and Donna look at each other)
JOSH: I think it only works the first time.
DONNA: (softly) You're leaving.
COLIN: Yeah ... just--just for a little bit. But I shall return before first light. (leans in very close to her face and whispers, as Josh quickly turns away towards the TV) Don't go anywhere. (Colin kisses her gently on the lips and she smiles at him)
COLIN: (walks up to Josh, who is still watching TV with his back turned to the bed) Josh.
JOSH: Yeah. (clipped) Nice to meet you.
COLIN: And you. (leaves)
DONNA: (smiles) Isn't he charming?
JOSH: Sure ... in a bodice-ripping, Heathcliff on the moors, I'm-too-sexy-for-my-camera sort of way.
DONNA: Oh, Josh.
(a nurse brings in a flower arrangement, which Josh takes from her)
JOSH: More admirers.
DONNA: Uh, really?
JOSH: How many photographers did you meet over there?
DONNA: Who are they from?
JOSH: Uh ... (he opens the card and examines it; it's written in Arabic) Okay, this is sort of weird. (he flips it over and there is an English translation) "Wishes for a speedy recovery. Father of the Baker, Father of the Light ..."

I Must Be High From The Morphine
Donna's hospital room. Josh talks to Kate on the phone about the meaning behind the message on Donna's card.

JOSH: You want me to have a secret meeting with the Son of the Sword?
DONNA: (muttering) I must be high from the morphine.
JOSH: Stealth isn't exactly my strong suit.
DONNA: (a little louder) He's very clumsy.
KATE: Josh, you're just sitting down with the guy and seeing what he has to say.
JOSH: Yeah, but technically I'm going to be a--
KATE: It's a diplomatic meeting.
JOSH: Do I need to carry a piece?
KATE: Josh.
JOSH: Why aren't you sending--I don't know--someone more like you?
KATE: Because they didn't send me the flowers.
JOSH: They sent Donna the flowers.
KATE: Donna can't walk. And they were angling for you. If I sent a professional, it would probably just spook the guy.
JOSH: So to speak.
DONNA: Is this dangerous?
JOSH: No ... it's a diplomatic meeting. It's not dangerous. (more quietly) Donna wants to know if it's dangerous.
KATE: You flew Lufthansa, you've been wandering the streets alone--if someone wanted to kill you, it would have happened already.
JOSH: Yeah, that's not so reassuring.
KATE: I'm sending someone from the embassy and we'll have someone in the restaurant if you run into any trouble. Maybe try to keep a low profile.
JOSH: Should I switch cabs?

Not a Josh and Donna scene, but it does show how deeply Josh cares for her (note the red roses ...), Colin notwithstanding.

Tell Me Where Donna Moss Is
Donna's hospital room / hospital corridor / operating theatre. Josh enters Donna's room with a bouquet of red roses, only to find needles, blood-soaked gauze, a pillow, tubing and more medical debris on the floor. He turns and runs to the nurses' station.

JOSH: (urgently) Where's Donna Moss?
NURSE: Excuse me?
JOSH: Donna Moss--she's not in her room.
NURSE: Are you a relative?
JOSH: I work for the President of the United States. I have the diplomatic rank of a Three-Star General. Tell me where Donna Moss is.

You Can't Go In There
Hospital corridor. Josh bursts through double doors marked 'Do Not Enter'. He runs through the corridors until he sees an operating theatre through a large window.

DOCTOR: Whooooaaa--you can't go in there!
JOSH: What's--
DOCTOR: There's been a complication--she's developed a pulmonary embolism. It's a blood clot.
JOSH: (at the same time) ... Blood clot.
DOCTOR: We're trying to remove it now.
(he enters the operating theatre as Josh stares numbly at Donna on the operating table through the window)

Many thanks to Misdirection for the wonderful screencaps!