Mandatory Minimums (Episode 120)
First Aired: Wednesday, 3rd May, 2000
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Robert Berlinger

Why Don't You Take Your Legislative Agenda And Shove It Up Your Ass?
Screening Room, Sheraton Centre Hotel. Josh, Donna, Sam and Toby watch President Bartlet's address on a panel of TV monitors. Josh's mobile phone rings; Donna answers it.

DONNA: Josh.
JOSH: The call?
DONNA: On the cell. (hands him the phone)
TOBY: Josh--you need us, we're standing right here.
JOSH: Hi, Senator. Why don't you take your legislative agenda and shove it up your ass? (snaps phone shut and tosses it back to Donna) Turns out I was fine.

It's No Big Deal And I Am A Pro
Josh's office / Corridors of the West Wing. Josh and Donna walk and talk.

DONNA: Toby wants you.
JOSH: On the phone?
DONNA: In his office.
JOSH: Do you know why?
DONNA: Polling.
JOSH: He's bringing in Al Kiefer?
DONNA: Let him tell you.
JOSH: Why can't you tell me?
DONNA: Because you're going to his office right now, and I've got thirty-seven different things--
JOSH: Fine.
DONNA: Josh?
JOSH: Yeah.
DONNA: Yes ... he's bringing in Al Keifer.
JOSH: It's a big polling week, Donna. I figured he was bringing in Kiefer.
DONNA: Okay.
JOSH: That's what you were afraid to tell me?
DONNA: I wasn't afraid.
JOSH: Okay.
DONNA: The thing is--and it's going to be interesting to see how you react to this--Kiefer wants to bring in a California expert.
JOSH: That's a good idea, because--wait ...
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: Joey Lucas?
DONNA: She's coming out with Kiefer tomorrow.
JOSH: Okay ... okay.
DONNA: By the way, that's what I was afraid to tell you.
JOSH: You shouldn't have been. You know why?
DONNA: It's no big deal.
JOSH: It's no big deal. And I'll tell you what else.
DONNA: You're a pro.
JOSH: I--I--I am a pro. But that's not what I was going to say.
DONNA: What were you going to say?
JOSH: That's what I was going to say.
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: Both those things are true. I'm a pro and what was the other one?
DONNA: It's no big deal.
JOSH: That's right.

You Assign Your Clothes Days Of The Week?
Restaurant patio. Leo, Sam, Toby, Margaret, Josh and Donna hold a breakfast meeting.

DONNA: You should notice that Josh has on a nice suit.
MARGARET: That is a nice suit.
JOSH: Donna.
DONNA: We'll call it his Joey Lucas suit--
JOSH: Donna.
DONNA: --you know, from now on.
MARGARET: Joey Lucas is coming?
JOSH: We need a California expert and this is my regular Tuesday suit.
MARGARET: You assign your clothes days of the week?

You Got Dressed Up For A Guy Named Joey?
Restaurant patio. Later in the same meeting.

JOSH: I'd like to clear up that I--I don't have suits for the days of the week. This is just a regular suit.
SAM: It's a nice suit.
DONNA: Sure, it's a nice suit. It's his Joey Lucas--
JOSH: Donna!
DONNA: I'm beginning to regret not getting the waffles.
LEO: I'm beginning to regret having hired any of you! We have a 42 per cent job approval and you're talking about waffles and ... something with Josh I don't understand.
DONNA: He's wearing a special suit for Joey Lucas.
LEO: You got dressed up for a guy named Joey?
JOSH: Joey--Joey Lucas is a woman ... and I'm not getting dressed up for her.
DONNA: It's his regular Tuesday suit.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!