Liftoff (Episode 604)
First Aired: Wednesday, 10th November, 2004
Writer: Debora Cahn
Director: Alex Graves

Time! Time!
Lobby of the West Wing. Donna rides up to Josh and Toby in her new electric wheelchair.

DONNA: Haffley's in your office! Time! Time!
JOSH: (Josh runs away, then thinks a second and runs back) Here. (he thrusts a pile of folders into Donna's lap and dashes off again) Donna'll help.
DONNA: Nice briefing. (Toby mock-glares at her)

Look What The Elves Have Done
Dimly-lit lobby / ballroom. Donna and other staffers sit at a table full of drinks and food at one end of the room, as Josh and Toby approach.

JOSH: Look what the elves have done.
JOSH: Hey.
DONNA: CJ wanted to be here, but she got pulled in. Staff's on their way. (she pours herself a beer) She wanted me to give this to you. (she passes a note to Josh)
JOSH: (he reads it out loud) "J and T ... nothing without you."

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!