Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics (Episode 121)
First Aired: Wednesday, 10th May, 2000
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Don Scardino

Your Watch Sucks In Four Different Time Zones
Bullpen. Josh and Donna walk and talk. A clock on the wall shows the time as 7:05 p.m.

DONNA: They've got to start the poll, Josh. It's 7:05.
JOSH: It's ten to seven.
DONNA: No, it's really not.
JOSH: It's 7:05?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: That's ridiculous.
DONNA: I'm not making it up.
JOSH: My watch says ten to seven.
DONNA: That's cause your watch sucks.
JOSH: My watch is fine.
DONNA: Your watch says ten to seven.
JOSH: How do I know it isn't ten to seven?
DONNA: Because those large clocks on the wall that are run by the U.S. Navy say your watch sucks. In fact, they say your watch sucks in four different time zones.

My Watch Sucks?
Bullpen, Joey Lucas's temporary office. Joey, Josh and Kenny talk as Donna approaches.

DONNA: Josh.
JOSH: What?
DONNA: You wanted me to let you know when CJ started talking about the drug memo.
JOSH: CJ started the briefing already?
DONNA: A half hour ago.
JOSH: The briefing's not supposed to start until 11.
DONNA: Guess what?
JOSH: My watch sucks?
DONNA: Yes, indeed.

When Was I Supposed To Take You To Hawaii?
Bullpen / Corridors of the West Wing / Josh's office. Josh and Donna walk and talk.

JOSH: Did Toby find a country?
DONNA: The Federated States of Micronesia.
JOSH: Is that a real country?
DONNA: Yes. It's located 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii -- where you've never taken me.
JOSH: When was I supposed to take you to Hawaii?
DONNA: Anytime. It's something bosses do.
JOSH: The Federated States of Micronesia?
DONNA: They have some of the best scuba diving in the world.
JOSH: Okay ...
DONNA: The Mantas, for instance, on the island of Yap, are prized among those who--
JOSH: Stop talking, now. (he turns on the TV in his office)
CJ: (onscreen, from Press Room) ... with the point being that the mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines applied to crack cocaine as opposed to powder cocaine are fairly transparently racist ...
DONNA: A guy takes his assistant on a quick trip to Maui -- it's not, like, unheard of.
JOSH: Shhhh!

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!