Jefferson Lives (Episode 503)
First Aired: Wednesday, 8th October, 2003
Story by: Carol Flint and Debora Cahn
Director: Alex Graves

Oh, Whatever
Bullpen / Josh's Office. Donna approaches Josh with news about Haffley.

DONNA: The new speaker called again.
JOSH: Haffley? Now what? We already moved the meeting up so he could watch the green flag at Daytona.
DONNA: I think it was his son's t-ball game.
JOSH: Oh, whatever.
DONNA: He has some questions about the agenda.
JOSH: I'll bet he did. Did you tell him it was about the VP selection?
DONNA: I think he wants to hear some names.
JOSH: Well, he'd better be at the meeting!

They Are Not
Bullpen. Josh approaches Donna with a list of people who are, you know, not Vice Presidential candidates.

JOSH: Call them in. Twenty minutes each. Make it clear this is not about the Vice Presidency. They are not candidates for, you know, jobs listed in the Constitution.
DONNA: Are they candidates?
JOSH: They are not. They are not. Repeat that.
DONNA: They are not.

Many thanks to the now-defunct Foggy Bottom for the wonderful screencaps!

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