In The Room (Episode 608)
First Aired: Wednesday, 8th December, 2004
Writer: Lawrence O'Donnell Jr
Director: Alex Graves

What Thing?
Roosevelt Room. Donna catches Josh on the way out after he excuses himself from a meeting with the Department of Transportation.

DONNA: Senator Vinick's confirmed for 11:15, which means we have to move your OMB meeting to, like, now.
JOSH: Give me a minute.
DONNA: And then you've got that other thing after wheels up.
JOSH: What thing?
DONNA: (smiling slightly) Me.
JOSH: Oh. Right. Sure.

You Really Want To Become A Pathological Liar Over Three Bucks?
Josh's office / Bullpen / Donna's desk.

DONNA: You want to see any of these Christmas party invitations I'm declining for you?
JOSH: Only the ones you're accepting, which I hope are none.
DONNA: So far.
JOSH: Are wheels up yet?
DONNA: In four minutes.
JOSH: So that's, like, what--50 minutes behind schedule?
DONNA: Forty-eight.
JOSH: 'Kay, so you owe me ...
DONNA: No, no no--you bet 45 or under! And I--
JOSH: I never bet 45 or under--not on a foreign trip.
(they walk out of Josh's office and down the bullpen corridor)
DONNA: You really want to become a pathological liar over three bucks?
JOSH: I'm late for Vinick.
DONNA: Not any more you're not. (she walks over to her desk)
JOSH: (stops walking) Did he cancel?
DONNA: No, I just rescheduled it for you.
JOSH: This better be good. (he walks over to Donna's cubicle)
DONNA: Vinick's scheduler was fine with it.
JOSH: Did it occur to you that I might have a problem with--
DONNA: She said later would be better for the senator--he won't be rushed.
JOSH: Uh huh. So?
DONNA: So Charlie needs you.
JOSH: Charlie?
DONNA: Well, obviously, that means it's a CJ thing. He's been passing along stuff for her since she's been ... you know, on the road.
JOSH: You can say "China trip"! Every time you say "on the road", it screams trying to avoid saying "China trip"!
DONNA: Me avoid saying something to you?
JOSH: Let's get two things straight--first, I'm fine not going on the China trip. Picking a UN Ambassador is no small thing.
DONNA: You didn't pick him.
JOSH: And second, only I can decide to reschedule Vinick--not you and Charlie.
DONNA: Okay, to keep your fragile ego intact, I've been trying to avoid using the phrase "direct order from CJ". (Josh does not look pleased) I'll take your coat. (looking defeated, Josh shrugs off his coat and walks away, as Donna looks empathetically after him)

Okay, I'm Done Helping You Ignore Will
Josh's office. Will follows Josh into his office, trying to defend the Vice President's statement about the flag burning.

WILL: You've got to understand my position, I tried to talk him out of it--
JOSH: (talking over him) Donna, where is the OMB report on the HHS budget?
DONNA: (she enters) Where the OMB reports always are. In the stack beside the thing. (she starts to leave)
JOSH: Right. Oh, and the, uh ... supplements?
DONNA: (she enters again) In the supplementary stack. Beside the other thing. (leaving again) Okay, I'm done helping you ignore Will.

You're Not Going To Love It
Bullpen. Josh enters and stops by Donna's desk.

DONNA: Got Penn and Teller's statement.
JOSH: Let's see.
DONNA: You're not going to love it. (she hands Josh a piece of paper, then follows behind him as he continues to walk and read it) So how about a few minutes after you get back from the Vinick meeting?
JOSH: For what?
DONNA: For me, for that talk we were going to have about--
JOSH: (reading from the statement) "The Supreme Court has ruled that we can do whatever we want with the flag, and the Founding Fathers obviously intended--" Are they still here? (frustrated, he storms off, leaving a disgruntled Donna behind)

You Have A Year To Talk Me Out Of Voting For Him
Josh's office. Donna rushes to watch with Josh as Vinick announces his candidacy on TV.

DONNA: Are you watching?
VINICK: The people have a right to know the President's position on the issues. But they don't have the right to know what happens at his daughter's birthday party.
REPORTER: But if they burned a flag in the White--
VINICK: I think this is a perfect demonstration of what the President is flying halfway around the world right now to try to teach the Chinese government--the meaning of freedom. It's a good thing the magicians didn't try this trick in Tiananmen Square with the Chinese flag wrapped in the Chinese Bill of Rights--because there is no Chinese Bill of Rights!
REPORTER: Senator! Senator!
VINICK: Thank you! Thank you!
DONNA: You have a year to talk me out of voting for him.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!