In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen (II) (Episode 202)
First Aired: Wednesday, 4th October, 2000
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Thomas Schlamme

I Think I Might Be Good At This. I Think You Might Find Me Valuable.
Bartlet For America office, Manchester, New Hampshire. Josh enters his office and does a doubletake as he sees Donna talking on the phone

DONNA: Josh Lyman ... No, he's not available right now ... this afternoon? He's got a media session, and then a four o'clock with Finance .... If you leave your name, I can give Josh the message when he gets back? ... Thank you very much. (hangs up)
JOSH: Who are you?
DONNA: I'm Donna Moss. Who are you?
JOSH: I'm Josh Lyman.
JOSH: Yes.
DONNA: I'm your new assistant.
JOSH: Did I have an old assistant?
DONNA: Maybe not.
JOSH: Who are you?
DONNA: I'm Donna Moss. I came here to volunteer and the woman assigned me to you.
JOSH: Which woman?
DONNA: Becky.
JOSH: You mean Margaret?
JOSH: Who are you?
DONNA: I'm Donna Moss. I'll be working as your assistant.
JOSH: I'm going to talk to Margaret.
Donna: Actually, Josh?
JOSH: Yeah?
DONNA: When I said I was assigned to you?
JOSH: Yeah?
DONNA: I may have been overstating it a little.
JOSH: Who are you?
DONNA: I'm Donna Moss. I drove up here from Madison, Wisconsin--
JOSH: When did your boyfriend break up with you?
DONNA: What makes you think my boyfriend broke up with me?
JOSH: Well, you're too old for your parents to have kicked you out of the house.
DONNA: I'm here because I want to work for Bartlet. I'm a college graduate, with a degree in political science and government--
JOSH: Where did you graduate?
JOSH: Where did you graduate?
DONNA: Okay, when I said I graduated?
JOSH: Yeah?
DONNA: I may have been overstating a little.
JOSH: Look--
DONNA: I was a couple of credits short.
JOSH: From where?
DONNA: The University of Wisconsin.
JOSH: You majoried in political science and government?
DONNA: And sociology and psychology.
JOSH: Uh-huh.
DONNA: And biology for a while ... with a minor in French.
JOSH: Okay ...
DONNA: And, uh ... drama.
JOSH: You had five majors and two minors in four years?
DONNA: Two years.
JOSH: Okay, listen--
DONNA: I had to drop out. I had to drop out.
JOSH: Your boyfriend was older than you?
DONNA: I think that question's of a personal nature?
JOSH: Donna, you were just at my desk reading my calendar, answering my phone, and hoping that I wouldn't notice that I never hired you. Your boyfriend was older?
JOSH: Law student?
DONNA: Medical student.
JOSH: And the idea was you'd drop out and pay the bills until he was done with his residency.
JOSH: And why did Dr Freeride break up with you?
DONNA: What makes you think he broke up with me?
JOSH: (beat) Donna, this is a campaign for the Presidency, and there's nothing I take more seriously than that. This can't be a place where people come to find their confidence and start over.
DONNA: Why not?
JOSH: I'm sorry?
DONNA: Why can't it be those things?
JOSH: Because--
DONNA: What, is it going to interfere with my typing?
JOSH: Donna, we're picking up today and going to South Carolina. If you want to stay in the Manchester office--
DONNA: I want to come to Charleston.
JOSH: I can't carry you, Donna! I've got a lot of guys out there not making the trip.
DONNA: I'll pay my own way.
JOSH: With what?
DONNA: I'll sleep on the floor, I'll sell my car. Eventually, you're going to put me on salary.
JOSH: Donna--
DONNA: Look. I think I can be good at this. I think you might find me valuable.
(Josh's phone rings as they stare at each other)
JOSH: Go ahead.
DONNA: Bartlet for America, Josh Lyman's office ... uh, yes ... I think I'm going to have someone from the press office get back to you if it relates to ... yes ... uh, yes ... (Josh takes off his ID and gives it to Donna, and she smiles at him gratefully as he leaves the room) ... Yes.

Obviously this Josh and Donna scene doesn't have any dialogue, but the look of utter devastation on Donna's face as she watches Josh's surgery through the OR window speaks volumes.

Your Father Died
Hotel suite, during the Bartlet For America campaign. Donna approaches Josh after the Illinois victory is announced on the TV

DONNA: Josh?
JOSH: Donna! You've got to get happy, Donna! We just won the Illinois primary! Come dance with me!
DONNA: No--Josh--no ... Josh--your father died.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!