He Shall, From Time to Time (Episode 112)
First Aired: Wednesday, 12th January, 2000
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Arlene Sanford

You Need To Pick A Guy
Josh's office / Bullpen / Corridors of the West Wing. Donna knocks at Josh's door.

DONNA: Margaret came by.
JOSH: Yes?
DONNA: She said Leo said to remind you, you need to pick a guy.
JOSH: Right.
DONNA: She said you'd know what that means.
JOSH: Yeah.
DONNA: Do you know what that means?
JOSH: Yeah.
DONNA: I don't know what that means.
JOSH: Someone from the line of succession is required to be absent from the State of the Union.
JOSH: Donna ...
DONNA: Wait, I know why--so if somebody blows up the building, nobody's ...
JOSH: Yes.
DONNA: Who are you going to pick?
JOSH: Who do you think I should pick?
DONNA: I think you should pick me.
JOSH: You think so?
DONNA: Yeah. I'll be good.
JOSH: And where exactly do you fall in the line of succession?
DONNA: If somebody blows up the Capitol Building, I'd imagine I'd move up a few slots.
JOSH: Fair point.
DONNA: So, who's it going to be?
JOSH: Roger Tribbey.
DONNA: The Secretary of Agriculture?
JOSH: Yes. (beat) Listen--be sweet to Margaret and Leo today. This might not be the worst day of their lives, but it's got to be in the top five.
DONNA: Okay.
JOSH: See you later.

I Really Don't Anticipate The Capitol Building Exploding
Corridors of the West Wing. Josh and Donna walk and talk.

DONNA: Roger Tribbey.
JOSH: Yes.
DONNA: I don't know why you're picking the Secretary of Agriculture.
JOSH: Because the Secretaries of Defense, State and Treasury are famous faces, and we want the camera to find them.
DONNA: So, if the Capitol Building blows up ...
JOSH: Yes?
DONNA: ... the man my country will be looking to is the Secretary of Agriculture.
JOSH: It's my country, too.
DONNA: Yeah, but you'll be dead.
JOSH: Which is why I really don't care that much.
DONNA: Josh.
JOSH: Donna, I really don't anticipate the Capitol Building exploding.
DONNA: What percentage of things exploding have been anticipated?
JOSH: Now you're bringing me down.
DONNA: I would think so.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!