Gone Quiet (Episode 306)
First Aired: Wednesday, 14th November, 2001
Teleplay: Aaron Sorkin
Story: Julia Dahl and Laura Glasser
Director: Jon Hutman

One Of Them Poured Wheatina On The Keyboard
Josh's Office. Josh dictates a letter to Donna.

JOSH: Next paragraph: "As always, your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated. Also appreciated was the visit to the White House by some 50 of your consituents onboard a bus that was chartered by your office. Their complaints were respectfully heard by my assistant, and I regret that matters escalated to the point where she felt it necessary to call in the park police. You'll be happy to know that their bus has been refuelled, and that the seniors are on their way home, each having been allowed to keep their security tags as a souvenir."
DONNA: Look--
JOSH: Signed--
DONNA: I was just--
JOSH: Do it.
CJ: (knocks) Excuse me ...
JOSH: Hey.
CJ: You got a second?
JOSH: Type that.
DONNA: Look, I was just--
JOSH: Type it.
(long beat, CJ looks between Josh and Donna awkwardly)
DONNA: (cold) May I use your computer?
JOSH: What's wrong with yours?
DONNA: One of them poured Wheatena on the keyboard.
JOSH: Go ahead. (Josh tries to leave his desk as Donna tries to approach--they try awkwardly to get around each other, then Josh finally walks over to CJ by the door) We had a little problem earlier.

CJ's Office. Josh and CJ work on the President's answer as Donna takes notes.

JOSH: In this time of dizzying change and progress around the world, I'm running for re-election because I want to make sure that all our people can share in twenty-first century jobs ...
CJ: ... Jobs in industries we can't even imagine today bring the benefits of new medical advancements to all our families ...
JOSH: ... And harness new technology and the Internet as a force for faster economic growth ...
CJ: ... Better education and a freer exchange of ideas around the world.
JOSH: Yes.
CJ: There it is.
JOSH: That's fine.
DONNA: (blows a raspberry) Pffffft!
CJ: Huh.
JOSH: You wanted to say something?
JOSH: I thought it was--
DONNA: (blows another raspberry) Pffffft!
JOSH: It's got crisp, commanding phrases, it's got active verbs like "harness"--it paints a picture of the future ...
DONNA: That's why somebody wants to become President--medical research and the Internet?
JOSH: She's got a point.

Many thanks to the now-defunct Foggy Bottom for the wonderful screencaps!