Gaza (Episode 521)
First Aired: Wednesday, 12th May 2004
Writer: Peter Noah
Director: Christopher Misiano

Though Josh and Donna only had two real "scenes" together in this episode, and neither of them spoke to each other in either one, Gaza is still chock-full of Josh-and-Donna goodness! The scenes listed here all relate to Josh and Donna's relationship in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Donna's Style Is More Along The Lines Of Le Mot Mo'.
Corridors of the West Wing. Josh and Toby walk and talk about Donna and Andi.

TOBY: Heard from Donna?
JOSH: I get these daily, interminable e-mails that I have no time to read. She doesn't seem to have mastered pith.
TOBY: Le mot juste.
JOSH: Donna's style is more along the lines of le mot mo'.

Arrived, Gaza
A haggered and weary Josh reads Donna's e-mail (in three separate scenes) on the plane, en route to Germany.

DONNA: "Josh: Arrived, Gaza. Couldn't even unpack. (By the way, still no comprehension of the money. Probably criminally under or over tipping the entire Palestinian service sector. We'll either be run out on a rail, or given a parade upon leaving.) We were immediately whisked down to a meeting with the Fatah leaders. If that sounds fascinating, then you've gotten more out of the experience, I promise you. Turns out, Palestinian politicians are just as coma-inducing as our domestic variety."

"When you get out of the hotel meeting rooms and into the streets, what hits you about Gaza isn't the overcrowding and poverty -- you've been briefed about that. What strikes you is something else. Idleness. The sense of a people waiting with no expectation. It's hard to convey."

"When it's open, 19,000 Palestinians a day pass through the Erez checkpoint to work jobs in Israel. Fact. More later."

Explosion In Gaza
Josh's office / Bullpen. Kate and Josh discuss the increase in European heroin trafficking, when news of the explosion breaks.

KATE: When Afghan farmers can't afford to grow cotton, when they can't compete in their own market with cheap US textiles produced from subsidized crops, they plant something else.
JOSH: Poppies.
KATE: Fields and fields, like someone colourised Nebraska.
JOSH: Well, maybe we should subsidize poppi-- (Josh and Kate's pagers go off simultaneously) Hang on. (he walks briskly into the Bullpen, where CJ runs up to meet him) What's up?
CJ: Explosion in Gaza. The CODEL. Some fatalities.
JOSH: (stunned) Donna?
CJ: It just happened, that's all I know.
(they look over as a haunted-looking Toby enters the Bullpen)

What About Donna?
Bullpen. Toby gets a call from Andi.

TOBY Hello? ... Andi! How-how are you? Are-are you okay? ... (the relief in his voice is evident; Josh looks over tensely) She's all right. She's--uh, she was in the other car and she's all right. You're all right.
CJ: (points to TV monitor) Oh my God--I see her!
WILL: Where?
CJ: On the right! On the cell phone ... right there!
TOBY We can see you--you're on TV! On the--on the monitor! (on the monitor, Andi waves to the camera)
JOSH: How's Donna?
TOBY Two Congressmen confirmed dead ... Korb and DeSantos.
JOSH: (more urgently) What about Donna?
TOBY (into phone) What about Donna? (to Josh) She was in the car that ... Andi saw people put in ambulances--that's all she knows.
(A devastated Josh stares at Toby, then slowly looks up at the monitor as CJ puts her hand on his arm)

Five Hundred Mortar Shells Have Landed There In The Last Three Years
From her hotel room, Donna types an e-mail to Josh.

DONNA: "Getting in and out of the Israeli settlement of Kfar Darom requires a military escort. Five hundred mortar shells have landed there in the last three years. During our pre-dinner break, I met an Israeli settler family. Two days before, a mortar round had exploded in their kitchen."

Where The President Lives
Josh's office. A frantic Josh tries to find out anything he can about Donna's condition.

JOSH: Moss! Moss! Donnatella Moss! Tall ... blonde ... do you have any idea of her condition, where she was taken? I understand--is there anyone there--yeah, this is Josh Lyman calling from the White House. The White House. Yes! Where the President lives! I'm looking for information about one of the US bombing victims, Donnatella Moss ...

He Thought Josh Would Be Upset About Donna Being In The Car
Toby's office. He hangs up, disgruntled, as Will enters.

TOBY (into phone) Are you kidding? You know the term "decent interval"? Go away. (hangs up) Magley from the DNC wants to talk about who to run for the two vacant House seats!
WILL: You're joking.
TOBY They're still picking up pieces of those guys over there--he's talking about DeSantos's poachable district.
WILL: What's he calling you for?
TOBY He thought Josh would be upset about Donna being in the car. I guess he figured since my ex-wife was only almost blown up, that I'd be only almost upset!

They Have Gotten Her Stabilised, Which Sounds Encouraging
Josh's office. On the phone, he tries to reassure Mrs. Moss that Donna is okay.

JOSH: I haven't been able to get exact information on her injuries, but they have gotten her stabilised, which sounds encouraging ... I'm sorry I don't have more, but I didn't want you and Mr. Moss to have to wait any longer to hear something.

Maybe We'll Do This All At Once
Corridors of the West Wing / outside the Oval Office. En route to the Oval Office, everyone follows behind Josh and asks about Donna.

WILL: How's Donna?
JOSH: Potential bleeding issues.
WILL: Dire issues?
JOSH: Signficant's the word they used, but dire is good.
CJ: How's Donna?
WILL: Some issues.
CJ: Life threatening?
WILL: Significant.
TOBY: Hey--Donna okay?
CJ: Some issues ... I'm not sure what they are.
JOSH: You know what? Maybe we'll do this all at once.
LEO: Josh?
(As Leo calls Josh aside, CJ, Toby and Will enter the area outside the Oval Office to find Charlie and Kate)
CHARLIE: Any news on Donna?
TOBY: Some issues.
CJ: Potentially significant.
WILL: With bleeding.
(Leo enters, followed by Josh)
JOSH: (to Leo) Anyway, there's been major blood loss.
LEO: Poor kid.
(everyone looks at Josh, whose head is hung)

If There's Someplace You'd Rather Be, Everyone Would Understand
Leo's office / Mural Room. Leo, Will, Toby, Kate, CJ and Josh discuss strategies for retaliation.

WILL: We have to retaliate.
CJ: Responding militarily makes us a combatant.
LEO: When they attack your people, they pretty much make that choice for you.
KATE: Or, we use this as an opportunity. Employ the moral authority to re-engage in aggressively pressing both sides for peace.
JOSH: We need to kill them! We need to find them and to kill them! We kill them! Then we find out who sent them, and we kill them, too!
LEO: Josh--
JOSH: You kill the people who did it, you kill the people who planned it, then you kill everyone who is happy about it!
(everyone stares at him)
CHARLIE: (into phone) Yes, sir ... thank you, Mr. President. (to the group) You can go in.
LEO: Josh. (he walks into the Mural Room)
JOSH: (incredulously) "An opportunity?"
LEO: Where's Donna now?
JOSH: Uh, she's being MedEvac'ed to Rammstein, then transferred to Landstuhl for further treatment.
LEO: An operation?
JOSH: I don't know.
LEO: We've got excellent people in Germany.
JOSH: (whispers) Yeah.
LEO: If there's someplace you'd rather be, everyone would understand.
JOSH: I'm fine. (Leo looks at him for a long moment) Thanks.
(Josh walks, then jogs, then almost runs into his office, grabs his backpack and laptop, and rushes out of the Bullpen as the camera pans Donna's empty desk.)

Donna sips a drink and types an e-mail to Josh, as Colin lies asleep in her bed in the background.

On the plane to Germany, Josh looks numbly at Donna's e-mails one last time before putting the laptop away to prepare for landing.

No Biggie
American hospital in Germany. Josh frantically tries to find Donna's whereabouts.

JOSH: Hi, I'm Josh Lyman from the White House. I'm looking for Donnatella Moss's room.
(he enters the elevator, then is shown pacing the floor)
DOCTOR: Mr Lyman?
JOSH: Yeah?
DOCTOR: Colonel Lee. I operated on Ms. Moss.
JOSH: For what, exactly? I'm a little behind the curve.
DOCTOR: She came in with a multiple compound fracture of the femur and a pneumothorax.
JOSH: Sorry, I--
DOCTOR: Collapsed lung, broken thighbone.
JOSH: Collapsed lung? That's no biggie, right?
DOCTOR: We suctioned the air from the pleural cavity by chest tube.
JOSH: Really? Because that sounds a little--
DOCTOR: (smiles) No biggie. Lung should re-expand within 48 to 72 hours.
JOSH: And the broken leg?
DOCTOR: A compound fracture is one where the bone protrudes through the skin.
JOSH: Uh huh ...
DOCTOR: And this was a multiple, so that's--
JOSH: Yeah--got it. I got it.
DOCTOR: You all right?
JOSH: I-I get a little queasy. Plus the, you know, jet lag.
DOCTOR: In any event, the main fracture repairs went well. We inserted a metal rod through the bone--
JOSH: (folds over like he's about to faint) Okay.
DOCTOR: You want to sit?
JOSH: (exhales deeply) I'm-I'm-I'm-I'm fine. So, she's going to be okay?
DOCTOR: (bends down to talk to him) At the moment, I'm more worried about you.
JOSH: (stands up) I'm good. I'm good.
DOCTOR: We'll want to perform some Doppler studies, make sure no clots have formed. Recovery from the pneumothorax may take several weeks. The fractures, months of physical therapy--
JOSH: Great. (the doctor looks bemused) I mean, not great but considering ...
DOCTOR: You can see her--uh, if you'd like.

Josh sits at Donna's bedside as she lies unconscious in her bed.

A grief-stricken and exhausted Josh continues to watch Donna, a thousand emotions flickering across his face.

Many thanks to Misdirection for the wonderful screencaps!

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