Full Disclosure (Episode 515)
First Aired: Wednesday, 25th February, 2004
Writer: Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter

Because, Well, You Know, Desert Warfare Is Not Going Out Of Style Any Time Soon
Josh's office / Corridors of the West Wing. Josh, Donna and Ryan prepare for and walk to the base closing meeting.

JOSH: ... Because reviewing a cost-benefit analysis for every military base in the country is as mind-numbing as a Radiohead concert.
DONNA: (holds up a file) Need this?
JOSH: Uh, yeah, and the one under it. And deciding which military bases we don't need anymore is the most politically disasterous thing you could ever get involved with.
RYAN: But why close any bases when we've got to train troops to fight terrorists around the world?
JOSH: (to Donna) Is that everything?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: Because terrorists aren't very well-trained for deep snow combat like the Soviets were. So maybe we don't need that base in upstate New York any more -- maybe we should be expanding our desert combat training bases because, well, you know, desert warfare is not going out of style any time soon. (Donna passes her banker's box of files to Josh, who passes it to Ryan)
RYAN: So it's efficiency, then.
JOSH: You're quick.
RYAN: But since when is efficiency bad politics?
DONNA: Since any place that loses a base loses jobs. You should have seen my hometown when the army pulled out.

Get Him Out Of That Chair
Roosevelt Room. Josh enters the base closing meeting and spots Ryan sitting where he shouldn't be.

JOSH: Morning everyone!
SENATOR: Good morning.
JOSH: (to Donna, whispered) Get him out of that chair.

Don't You Say A Word
Roosevelt Room. Josh hands over the base closing meeting to Donna and Ryan.

JOSH: I need you two to take over.
DONNA: You sure?
JOSH: Just ask 'how much will that save?' every few minutes. (to Ryan) And don't you say a word.

Some Of Us Are Trying To Govern Here, Josh
Josh's office. Donna enters as Josh finishes up a phone call.

JOSH: Sure ... well, if you hear anything about Hoynes making any moves on staff, just let me know. Okay ... thanks. (to Donna) You left the kid alone with the brass?
DONNA: Just for a minute. He actually seems to have a feel for that stuff.
JOSH: He's faking it. If you learn one thing in prep school, it's how to pretend like you always know what's going on.
DONNA: Rena said Toby's stuck in some Chinese bra thing and can't--
JOSH: Okay, do the Chinese even need bras? I mean, you know ...
DONNA: (gives him a withering look) No, I don't know. Some of us are trying to govern here, Josh. Toby asked if you could cover a meeting with the mayor--I said yes, assuming you're trying to stay out of the base closing meeting.
JOSH: Good call.
DONNA: Great. Mayor's on his way. (she leaves)
JOSH: Hey, Donna--which mayor?

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!