Faith Based Initiative (Episode 610)
First Aired: Wednesday, 5th January, 2005
Writer: Bradley Whitford (yay!)
Director: Christopher Misiano

None of these are Josh and Donna scenes, and yet all of these are Josh-and-Donna scenes ...

I'm The Victim Here--How Am I Supposed To Be A Man?
Josh's office. He laments about the Anti-Donna with Toby after she gives them both a dressing-down.

JOSH: (closing the door behind him) She likes it closed.
TOBY: Interesting girl.
JOSH: Yeah. I think I lost the temp lottery. She's making me finish, like, one thing at a time--it's insane.
TOBY: Tell her to back off.
JOSH: You tell her!
TOBY: Call Donna!
JOSH: (sighs) I can't.
TOBY: You know, eventually, you may have to resort to manhood.
JOSH: I'm the victim here--how am I supposed to be a man?

I'd Hate To Find The Deputy Chief Of Staff At My Door With A Switchblade
Will's office. He holds an interview with ... Donna!

WILL: I've looked over your resume--I think we both know it's an undersell. What I take to the Vice President is the knowledge you've gleaned over six years on the front lines. I think we can safely say you've picked up a lot.
DONNA: (smiles) I try to pay attention.
WILL: I just want to make sure I'm not starting a turf war. I'd hate to find the Deputy Chief of Staff at my door with a switchblade.
DONNA: You're not poaching me. I need to move on. And Josh is ... well, he'll find someone else to answer his phone.
WILL: Well, we can use you. No question. And not as anybody's assistant.

This Is Where You Become Just Sad
Toby's office. Toby enters to find Josh sitting at his desk, studying a document closely.

TOBY: What are you doing?
JOSH: I got a bad temp.
TOBY: This is where you become just sad. Call Donna.

Next Time You See Her, Tell Her I Say Hi
Will's office. In between presidential campaigns and gay marriage, Josh brings up another contentious issue ...

JOSH: How's Donna working out?
WILL: Great.
JOSH: (beat) She have an office yet? I didn't seen her out in the bullpen.
WILL: She just headed up to New Hampshire. She's going to be there a couple of weeks.
JOSH: Excellent. (beat) Well, next time you see her, tell her I say hi.
WILL: Of course.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!