Eppur Si Muove (Episode 516)
First Aired: Wednesday, 3rd March, 2004
Writer: Alexa Junge
Director: Llewellyn Wells

I Can Talk So Fast, It Won't Actually Take Measurable Time
Bullpen. Josh enters as Donna is on the phone.

JOSH: Hey, did you get Leo?
DONNA: He's booked.
JOSH: Tell Margaret I can talk so fast, it won't actually take measurable time.
DONNA: I'm waiting for Rodney.
JOSH: Who's Rodney?
DONNA: Ryan's roommate.
JOSH: Ryan's got a roommate?
DONNA: He's checking to see if Ryan's in his room because he didn't show up today and it's not like him.
JOSH: Really? Because that seems exactly like him.
DONNA: He's never late. He walks in like he's late, but he's not.
JOSH: Like when you're on a train and the train next to you is pulling away, only it seems like--
DONNA: Rodney's taking a long time ... do you think he went back to sleep?
JOSH: That, or he's dead now, too. (looks up from his stack of messages) Get me Leo.

You Should Fix That
Bullpen / Josh's office. Josh and Donna pour (their own) cups of coffee, and walk and talk.

JOSH: Set me a meeting with the Judiciary Chief of Staff.
DONNA: Lisa Wolfe?
JOSH: We're going to put butts in seats. I'm packing the court.
DONNA: Because of Eric Hayden.
JOSH: Because of Eric Hayden, because the Sixth Circuit's in crisis, because the judicial nomination process is a complete mess.
DONNA: Is this some kind of over-determined, do something impossible to impress the one guy who impresses you and stole your girlfriend in law school kind-of-thing?
JOSH: He didn't steal my girlfriend--I though Pam was cute, but when I saw she had eyes for Hayden, I bowed out like a gentleman. Also, there's nothing I take more seriously than getting judges on the federal bench.
DONNA: How about getting judges on the Supreme Court?
JOSH: (exhales) See? This is the problem--it's always about the Supreme Court. Nine guys getting all the ink.
DONNA: Actually, it's seven guys and two highly-qualified female jurists.
JOSH: The Supreme Court sees 80 cases a year. These guys see close to 20,000. Circuit courts make 99 per cent of judge-made law.
DONNA: (makes a face) Oh. That is important. You should fix that. (as she leaves) Ryan's still missing, by the way.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!