Enemies, Foreign & Domestic (Episode 318)
First Aired: Wednesday, 1st May, 2002
Writers: Paul Redford and Aaron Sorkin
Director: Alex Graves

It's A Death Threat
CJ's office. Donna enters.

DONNA: You ready?
CJ: Yeah. Where are we going?
DONNA: The yoghurt place. Are those angry faxes?
CJ: They're--yeah. They're very angry faxes.
DONNA: From Saudis?
CJ: Yeah.
DONNA: What did you expect?
CJ: Very angry faxes from Saudis. And angry e-mails--look at these.
DONNA: I'm seeing some troubling spelling here--"godless" with two d's ...
CJ: Let's go.
DONNA: Hang on ... (as she continues to read, her expression changes) CJ ...
CJ: I saw it.
DONNA: It's a death threat.
CJ: It's not a big deal.
DONNA: You sure?
CJ: Yeah. Don't tell anybody, okay? I don't want a lot of production.
DONNA: All right.
CJ: Thanks.
DONNA: Josh! Can you come in here and look at this, please?
CJ: Donna!
(Josh appears at the door)
JOSH: Look at what?
DONNA: CJ's e-mail.
(he goes to her laptop and begins reading)
JOSH: Call Frank Tenney downstairs--tell him I want to talk to him right away.
DONNA: Yeah.
CJ: You take this seriously?
JOSH: Yeah. It's a death threat, CJ, I take it seriously. I've had some experience with this.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!