Enemies (Episode 108)
First Aired: Wednesday, 17th November, 1999
Writers: Ron Osborn & Jeff Reno
Story: Rick Cleveland, Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr & Patrick Caddell
Director: Alan Taylor

No, I Think The Ship Has Pretty Much Sailed On That One
Josh's office. Josh is busy at work as Donna stands in the doorway, Mandy beside her.

DONNA: Josh?
JOSH: Yeah?
DONNA: Mandy wants to see you.
JOSH: Can you tell her I'm not in?
DONNA: No, I think the ship has pretty much sailed on that one.

Does It Look Like I Have A Solution For The President?
Bullpen. Josh approaches Donna at her desk.

JOSH: Donna, will you tell Leo's office that I'll have a solution for the President very soon.
DONNA: Do you have a solution for the President?
JOSH: Does it look like I have a solution for the President?
JOSH: Then let's assume that I don't.

The Computer Files Are Pretty Antiquated
Josh's office. Mandy has just left as Donna enters.

DONNA: What was that about?
JOSH: Nothing.
DONNA: You sure?
JOSH: Okay ... where's the Madison stuff?
DONNA: We're getting it.
JOSH: Donna, it's 20 minutes. I need it faster.
DONNA: We're working, Josh, but honestly, the computer files are pretty antiquated.
JOSH: Yeah. You're right. (beat) Wait ... what?
DONNA: I said that the computer--
JOSH: They're antiquated.
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: They're antiquated.
DONNA: What's wrong with you?
JOSH: Would you have them tell the President that I'm ready to see him at his convenience?
DONNA: You sure?
JOSH: Yeah.

Many thanks to the now-defunct Foggy Bottom for the wonderful screencaps!