The Dover Test (Episode 606)
First Aired: Wednesday, 24th November, 2004
Writer: Carol Flint
Director: Laura Innes

I Knew That
Bartlet Presidential Library reception. Donna confides in Margaret as Josh and Toby approach.

DONNA: But he's so persistent, it's embarrassing.
MARGARET: Enjoy the attention. It doesn't have to turn into anything.
JOSH: (to Toby) Always talking shop, these two.
DONNA: (eyeing the glass of wine in his hand) Aren't you sweet?
JOSH: Oh! I'm sorry. Did you--here. (he passes her the glass)
DONNA: I don't drink red.
JOSH: I knew that.
DONNA: You drink red.
JOSH: I'll get you a white. Margaret?
MARGARET: I drink red. (Toby passes her and Donna a glass of champagne each) Or, champagne's fine.

You Read My Card?
Bullpen / Donna's desk. While Donna watches the tail end of a news report about the Middle East that strikes a raw nerve, Josh sneaks a peek at the card on her floral arrangement. Donna walks over on crutches and catches a guilty-looking Josh at her desk, just as he puts the card back.

DONNA: Need something?
JOSH: Ah ... just looking for the breakdown on the mark-up.
DONNA: Uh huh.
JOSH: You're getting pretty good on those.
DONNA: Thanks.
JOSH: Is that a new cast?
DONNA: Two weeks ago.
JOSH: Those are nice flowers. (beat, then he grins) But come on, "I'm not going anywhere?" From a ... photojournalist?
DONNA: (incredulously) You read my card?
JOSH: I've been keeping an eye on Blarney Boy.
DONNA: The flowers aren't from Colin--and why are you reading my card on my flowers on my desk?
JOSH: I thought they were for me.
WILL: (to Josh) Got a minute?
JOSH: Sure.
(Josh glances at Donna as he walks past, but misses the angry look she gives him)

No Means No--Leave Her Alone
Donna's desk. In hushed tones, she speaks on the phone--only to be interrupted by her knight in shining armour (well, at least in his eyes, anyway).

DONNA: Stop ... I-I am not ... because, you're pressuring me ... I have work to do ... No, I ... (Josh walks up behind her) I said I would sleep on it, but I did and it's just not how I do things. It's not--
JOSH: (he grabs the phone out of her hand) No means no--leave her alone. (he slams the receiver down, then touches Donna's upper arm in a show of (misguided) support) Who is this jerk? Some slacker from physical therapy? I'll kick his ass. (he pauses in the doorway before disappearing into the corridor) You could thank me for my chivarlry.
(again, he misses the exasperated look Donna throws his way)

When Am I Doing Dateline?
Josh's office.

JOSH: We need a stronger response on the patients' bill. Tell her--
DONNA: Juice it up?
JOSH: High octane!
DONNA: I thought we wanted a patients' bill of rights?
JOSH: Not this demon seed. The Republicans won't budge on the liability cap. Patients won't even be able to recoup their out-of-pocket expenses. Some rights.
DONNA: So when Will said Santos picked up eight more votes from our side?
JOSH: And a stampede of Republicans--
DONNA: It's bad news--you want to distance the White House.
JOSH: I want the White House in a different galaxy.
CAROL: Excuse me. Annabeth wondered if she could get a minute later?
JOSH: Donna's got something for her now.
CAROL: It's Donna she needs. About the Dateline interview.
JOSH: When am I doing Dateline?
DONNA: Never. I mean, I said no, on your behalf. I'll follow up.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!