College Kids (Episode 403)
First Aired: Wednesday, 2nd October, 2002
Teleplay: Aaron Sorkin
Story: Debora Cahn and Mark Goffman
Director: Alex Graves

We're Here! We're Here!
Corridors of the West Wing / Bullpen. Josh walks towards the bullpen as Donna enters behind him

JOSH: Hey.
DONNA: Did you sleep all right?
JOSH: I did, but then I--I read this thing and ... (he looks down as he's speaking, but then looks up at her and suddenly stops mid-sentence) ... how are you doing?
DONNA: Good.
JOSH: What's on for tonight?
DONNA: You have a meeting with the State Party Chair, and you'll say energising things to the staff--
JOSH: Are we in any danger at all of losing Massachusetts?
JOSH: Why am I doing this again?
DONNA: Because.
JOSH: I can't just go straight to the event?
JOSH: Why?
DONNA: Cause ... everybody's going to the campaign first, and we just spent 20 hours trying to get out of Indiana.
JOSH: Who's at Rock the Vote?
DONNA: Aimee Mann, Barenaked Ladies, Chrissie Hynde, Sixpence None the Richer, Aaron Neville, Diamondback Whale, Daisychain, Next Big Thing, the Cruel Shoes and Single Cell Paramecium.
JOSH: You've just been practising for when I asked the question, right?
JOSH: And you made up the Cruel Shoes.
DONNA: No, Single Cell Paramecium.
JOSH: Okay.
(in the background, police sirens announce the President returning)
DONNA: The motorcade ... (she starts waving her arms around) ... We're here!
JOSH: Would you stop?
DONNA: We're here!
JOSH: You know, everybody's really over that now.
CJ: Admiral Scott! Your expedition's returned!

It's The Fault Of Football
House of Blues, Boston. Josh and Donna talk at a table while Aimee Mann performs.

DONNA: It's not the fault of women's sports, it's the fault of football.
JOSH: It's the fault of football.
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: Football pays for all the other sports.
DONNA: There are 53 players on an NFL team. The University of Colorado has 130--85 of whom are on full scholarship. I'm all for back-ups and substitutes, but can't the guy who's fourth on the depth chart at right outside linebacker also be fourth on the depth chart at left outside linebacker? If a college football team cut back to 70 scholarships, they'd still be three-deep in every position and have a fourth stream punter and place-kicker. Fifteen scholarships, it's a wrestling team!
JOSH: (notices Amy walking across the dance floor) Excuse me.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!