Celestial Navigation (Episode 115)
First Aired: Wednesday, 16th February, 2000
Teleplay: Aaron Sorkin
Story: Dee Dee Myers & Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr
Director: Christopher Misiano

You Awe Not Ewer Awowed In My Pwess Woom Again!
Corridors of the West Wing / Bullpen / Josh's Office. Josh and Donna walk and talk after his disasterous press briefing.

DONNA: Oh my God, Josh. I mean--Oh. My. God!
JOSH: I can fix this.
JOSH: I can fix this.
DONNA: I don't think you can.
JOSH: This'd be a great time to feel a little support from you, Donna!
DONNA: You have my support, Josh.
JOSH: Okay, good, that's a start. Tell me what you think I should do right now.
DONNA: Go into your office and come up with a secret plan to fight inflation.
JOSH: That's support?
(CJ waits for them them as they reach Josh's office)
CJ: Joshuwaw!
JOSH: Yeah, that's the face I wanted to see right now.
CJ: What the heww happened in thewe?
CJ: You compweetwee impwowded!
JOSH: (to Donna) What'd I do?
DONNA: You completely imploded!
JOSH: I wouldn't say completely--
CJ: You wewe vague, you wewe hostiwe, you wewe beweggerwent!
DONNA: Belligerent.
CJ: You know what it's gonna take fow me to fwix this?
JOSH: I'm going to fix this.
CJ: No, yow'we not. You awe not ewer awowed in my pwess woom again!

Many thanks to the now-defunct Foggy Bottom for the wonderful screencaps!