Bartlet For America (Episode 309)
First Aired: Wednesday, 12th December, 2001
Story: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Thomas Schlamme

They Want You
Josh's office. He talks on the phone as Donna enters.

JOSH: ... If you could please give him that message as soon as he gets in, you know, when he returns the page ... Cindy, if I could tell you what it was regarding, I would have told you ... sorry ... Thank you. (hangs up)
DONNA: They want you.
JOSH: Where have you been?
DONNA: You sent me to the Hill.
JOSH: Has Sam called?
JOSH: He didn't maybe drop off a piece of paper with a name on it.
DONNA: No. They want you in the Mural Room.
JOSH: Okay.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!