An Khe (Episode 514)
First Aired: Wednesday, 18th February, 2004
Writer: John Wells
Director: Alex Graves

Presidential Scut Work
Bullpen / Josh's Office. Josh approaches Donna at her desk.

JOSH: Donna! Can you see if, uh, Senator Hunt's office can find me a couple of minutes this morning? Is Jimmy Olsen with us today?
DONNA: Ryan!
JOSH: (to Ryan) Do you know who Sam Wendt is?
RYAN: Uh ... Democrat from the Oregon Fifth.
JOSH: Republican from the South Carolina Second, but you were close. He introduced an amendment to use the tax code to subsidize stay-at-home moms.
RYAN: That's interesting.
JOSH: No, not really. He kills child care proposals and tries to get us to print the Ten Commandments on the back of a two dollar bill.
RYAN: It would be nice to have them wallet-sized.
(Donna gives Ryan a look and Josh some messages)
JOSH: Uh, read the different drafts of the amendment--show how many more women would have benefitted from the President's child care tax credit than from Wendt's stay-at-home proposal. Treasury, JTC scoring and a year-by-year impact on the deficit for a Presidential briefing tomorrow.
RYAN: I'm going to brief the President?
JOSH: No, I'm going to brief the President and take credit for all your hard work, but you get to come.
RYAN: Great. Sure. Tomorrow. Umm ... JCT is?
DONNA: Joint Tax Committee. (Ryan leaves and Donna folds her arms and leans against the doorframe, giving Josh a look)
JOSH: What? It's scut work.
DONNA: Presidential scut work.
JOSH: You want to spend the day reading mind-numbing spreadsheets?
DONNA: Mind-numbing Presidential spreadsheets?
JOSH: Well, channel your Presidential disappointment into getting me five minutes with Matt Hunt, okay? (Donna glares at him) Please? (she exits without a word, as Josh looks after her)

For A Call, Or Face-To-Face?
Josh's office. He, Donna and Will enter.

JOSH: See if Leo's available, and find out if Senator Canton's around.
DONNA: For a call, or face-to-face?
WILL: It'll have to be a call. Canton's in Seattle--NAACP convention.

Trouble In Mind-Numbing Presidential Briefing Paradise?
Bullpen. Josh approaches Donna after arguing with Ryan about the Presidential briefing.

DONNA: Trouble in mind-numbing Presidential briefing paradise?
JOSH: Eve Harrington in penny loafers here just corrected me in front of the President.
DONNA: Were you wrong?
JOSH: That's not the point.
DONNA: What is the point?
JOSH: I'm going into my office now.
DONNA: Senator Hunt's in there.
JOSH: Matt Hunt's in my office?

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!