And It's Surely To Their Credit (Episode 205)
First Aired: Wednesday, 1st November, 2000
Teleplay: Aaron Sorkin
Story: Kevin Falls and Laura Glasser
Director: Christopher Misiano

Don't Shout!
Bullpen. Josh and Donna talk ... er, shout.

JOSH: Donna!
DONNA: Don't shout.
JOSH: Donna! Come here!
DONNA: Did you hear me say don't shout?
DONNA: You know why?
JOSH: Because you weren't shouting.
DONNA: That's right.
JOSH: That's right.
DONNA: What's the problem?
JOSH: They're still saying that I owe them fifty thousand dollars and that "failure to pay will result in a negative report on your credit."
DONNA: On my credit?
JOSH: On my credit. (Shouts) Sam!
DONNA: Don't shout!

And This Relates To Leaf Peeping How?
Josh's office. Josh and Donna eat, drink and talk.

DONNA: Take seventeen looked like it was going to be a keeper until he went on elocution safari during the word "protuberance."
JOSH: When did he finally nail it?
DONNA: Oh, he hasn't yet.
JOSH: He hasn't done it yet?
DONNA: There are matters of state to attend to, Josh. He can't spend the day indefinitely in that room--
JOSH: What about the audience?
DONNA: I sent them home. I want to bring in a new audience--you know, like the old Carson show.
JOSH: What the hell are we talking about?
DONNA: Did you know "leaf peeping" was a thing? (answers phone) Josh Lyman.
JOSH: Leaf peeping?
DONNA: (into phone) ... Yeah. (hangs up) Sam wants to see you.
JOSH: Insurance victory! And the weak shall be made strong, Donna! Not might is right, but rather might for right.
DONNA: And this relates to leaf peeping how?
JOSH: It doesn't. Don't eat my French fries.
(he exits and Donna immediately reaches over for his fries)

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!