A Good Day (Episode 617)
First Aired: Wednesday, 2nd March, 2005
Writer: Carol Flint
Director: Richard Schiff

We've Been Had
Hallway outside the House Chamber, Capitol Building. Josh and Cliff talk as Santos goes in to vote on the stem cell bill.

CLIFF: Congrats on Arizona and New Mexico.
JOSH: Keeps us alive. Super Tuesday's a real gauntlet.
CLIFF: Well, we appreciate this detour--and you calling back so many others out stumping for your guy.
JOSH: Three months of Primary potshots, it's a relief to see the Democrats pulling on the same oar. Working together to protect ... (he trails off as Donna and Will approach) Hey!
JOSH: (smiles) Thought you were in Atlanta?
WILL: The White House asked the Vice President to pitch in.
DONNA: Important one for the President.
JOSH: The Vice President can't vote.
WILL: But as a former House member, he retains lifetime Floor privileges.
JOSH: He's in there now?
DONNA: Whipping support for the President.
WILL: As only a Vice President can do.
JOSH: No stone unturned.
WILL: His wheels up is in an hour, but he'll take questions on his way out.
CLIFF: You arranged the press?
DONNA: I did.
JOSH: It's a nice touch. Unless we don't win this, got to sneak him out the back.
DONNA: We have got the votes.
JOSH: Nah, it'd be great ... it's why we're all here--a win for the President.
CLIFF: (he sees Santos approaching) Or not ...
SANTOS: Son of a bitch.
JOSH: What happened?
SANTOS: Nothing to do with democracy. We can hit the road.
SANTOS: The Speaker saw how many Democrats were back in town, did the math, pulled the vote.
CLIFF: He pulled the vote.
SANTOS: Game over. We've been had.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!