A Change Is Gonna Come (Episode 607)
First Aired: Wednesday, 1st December, 2004
Writers: John Sacret Young & Josh Singer
Story: John Sacret Young
Director: Vincent Misiano

You Used To Love It When I Couldn't Dress Myself Without You
Bullpen. Josh enters as Donna busies herself with work.

JOSH: Zao Chen Hao, Donnatella!
DONNA: Whatever. You're early.
JOSH: It's dinner time in Beijing, and I'm just getting to the office. Time is relative ... at least that's what we in the international arena say.
DONNA: Uh huh. Did you hear John Hoynes is doing Dianne Mathers tomorrow night?
JOSH: Uh, yeah ... the WTO file for the briefing on the China summit--
DONNA: He's promoting his book.
JOSH: Iowa's around the corner. 'Tis about to be the season.
DONNA: He called twice this morning.
JOSH: I'm going to need a converter for China, and I can't find my garment bag.
DONNA: I think baggage claim is in the next terminal over.
JOSH: You used to love it when I couldn't dress myself without you.
DONNA: I used to love peppermint ice cream too, but now, those little pieces of candy? They get stuck in my teeth in a way that I find irritating.

See How You Don't Take Care Of Me?
Bullpen / Josh's office. Josh watches from the Bullpen doorway as the Taiwanese flag is escorted out of the Lobby.

JOSH: Donna!
(as he calls her name, Donna walks up behind him, but Josh turns the other way and doesn't see her until she passes him a binder and speaks to him)
DONNA: Background for the briefing pack on China (she passes him another binder) phone list, and more calls from the law firm of Hoynes, Hoynes and Hoynes. (she passes him a black bag) Garment bag for the China trip.
JOSH: Where did you find it?
DONNA: You left it at a luggage repair shop after the G-8 six weeks ago.
JOSH: See how you don't take care of me? (he spots a book tucked under Donna's arm) What's that?
DONNA: A gift. I unwrapped it. (she passes Hoynes' book to Josh)
JOSH: You unwrapped my gift?
DONNA: Who knows? It could have been a bomb. Want to know how many times you were mentioned?
JOSH: Three?
DONNA: Thrity nine.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!