7A WF 83429 (Episode 501)
First Aired: Wednesday, 24th September, 2003
Writer: John Wells
Director: Alex Graves

The Bartlets Aren't Moving Out Of The White House, Are They?
CJ's office. Josh, Will, Toby and Ginger watch Walken's news conference as Donna joins them.

NEWS REPORTER VOICEOVER: "... avid outdoor enthusiast, he's frequently defended the rights of gun owners ..."
JOSH: He's opposed to waiting periods on grenade launcher!
DONNA: Where's he going to sleep? The Bartlets aren't moving out of the White House, are they?

Oatmeal Carrot Granola?
Mural Room. Donna distributes food to Josh, Will and Toby.

DONNA: They didn't have much.
JOSH: Oatmeal carrot granola? (he tosses the uneaten cookie on the table)
DONNA: (to Toby) Ginger find you? Andi called, just checking, and asked you to call her at the hospital.
JOSH: How are the twins?
TOBY: Fine.
JOSH: Any photos yet?
TOBY: No. Something came up at work.
WILL: (peering at Donna's sandwich) What is that?
DONNA: Eggwich.
WILL: I'm sorry.
DONNA: Me too.
JOSH: (staring intently at the TV monitor) I think we made a mistake.
DONNA: What?
JOSH: Letting the President step aside.

Leo's Looking For You
Josh's office. Donna enters as Josh, Toby and Will are discussing Vice-Presidential nominees.

DONNA: Leo's looking for you. (to Toby) Are they going home today?
TOBY: Who?
DONNA: The twins.
JOSH: I was going to ask about the twins.
TOBY: They go home tomorrow.

I'm Sorry, But He Seems ...
Bullpen. Josh, Donna, Will and Toby watch Walken's news conference

DONNA: I'm sorry, but he seems ... I don't know ...
JOSH: Presidential?

Are You Detecting A Pattern Here?
Josh's office / Corridors of the West Wing / Mural Room. Josh addresses Will, Ed & Larry when Donna enters.

DONNA: Take the Haffley photos off the dart board, boys--Elvis is in the building.
JOSH: Come on. (he leaves, and they follow)
ED / LARRY: Who's in the building?
DONNA: The Republican leadership.
JOSH: Who we got?
DONNA: Haffley, Connelly and Mitchell.
JOSH: The unholy Trinity.
ED / LARRY: What are they doing over here?
WILL: Picking a new Speaker, we think.
(they reach the Mural Room, and Josh glances inside)
JOSH: Is that Duke?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: (under his breath) Please don't let it be Duke. He hates me.
WILL: Tomlinson?
JOSH: He hates me, too.
ED / LARRY: Jim Arkin.
JOSH: Arkin really hates me.
DONNA: Are you detecting a pattern here?
STEVE: Hello, Josh. Everybody.
JOSH: Hey, Steve, how's it going?
STEVE: Good. You all want to come in for a second, say hello?
JOSH: Nah, that's okay. Thanks. (Steve turns to enter the Mural Room) Hey, Steve? Don't get too comfortable in there--you guys won't be back for three or four more terms.
ED / LARRY: (staring at the TV monitor) Hey guys ...
JOSH: (peering at the Mural Room) Do we have any hidden cameras or tape recorders or something in there?
WILL: Not since the mid '70s.
DONNA: Josh ...
(She calls his attention to the TV monitor, where there is breaking news of a bombing in Turkey.)

Come On
Josh's office, late night. He sits at his computer, typing, when Donna enters and pleads with him to leave.

DONNA: I thought Leo told you to go home?
JOSH: Yeah.
DONNA: Come on, get your coat.
JOSH: I have some things I want to finish up. You go ahead, though.
DONNA: Harold says people have been leaving stuff for Zoey by the fence all day long. I thought I might walk by on my way home, check it out. (he ignores her and keeps typing) Josh. (she nods towards the door and he looks up, haggered and weary) Come on.

Oh My God
Outside the White House, late night. Josh and Donna come across the public's memorial for Zoey -- a mass of candles and flags and cards and pictures and stuffed animals and flowers and solemn, sad faces.

DONNA: (softly) Oh, my God.

Many thanks to Misdirection for the wonderful screencaps!