Twenty Five (Episode 423)
First Aired: Wednesday, 14th May, 2003
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Christopher Misiano

Is That What Turns You On, You Sickie?
Bullpen. Josh approaches Donna, who sifts through faxes.

JOSH: How many people are in that building right now?
DONNA: Including press?
JOSH: Not including press.
DONNA: Not many. Anyone who left town can't get back.
JOSH: Why did people leave town in the first place?
DONNA: It's the weekend--they went crazy.
JOSH: We're going to need some people.
DONNA: Do you know how many faxes we've gotten in--do you know how many of them are from your insane groupies? The Lyman hos have chosen this time to let you know, via fax, should you be needing any physical comfort during this horrible time ... read that. (she hands him a fax) Do you like that? Is that what turns you on, you sickie?
JOSH: I didn't write this.
DONNA: Yeah, but they must sense it in you.
JOSH: What are the others?
DONNA: I just picked them up. It's going to be ... more thoughts and prayers ... good wishes ...
JOSH: Oh, that's nice.
DONNA: ... and bus station skanks.
(Will approaches Josh)
WILL: Do you need help with these calls?
JOSH: Yeah, but you got to sit with Babish and his guys.
DONNA: The Sprechlets of Ames, Iowa, hope you don't exploit this to make another irrational argument about taking their guns. The Sprechlets of Ames have weighed in.
WILL: Yeah--I was going to say, the speechwriting interns are here.
JOSH: They got in?
WILL: No, they've been here.
JOSH: You had them in on a Saturday night?
WILL: It was a character-building exercise.
JOSH: (to Donna, who continues to sift through faxes in the background) You hear that? (to Will) These interns, they can talk on the phone?
WILL: Yeah.
JOSH: They've got to talk to congressmen, they're going to have to--
DONNA: (her face clouds over) Hang on ...
WILL: They can do it. But you should take the committee chairs--
DONNA: (she stares down at a fax white-faced) Hang on ...
JOSH: What?
DONNA: This is one tank top on top of another tank top ... (she brings the one-page fax over to them, and the three of them stare at it in disbelief) ... this is a Polaroid of Zoey.
WILL: That's a ransom note.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!