20 Hours In L. A. (Episode 116)
First Aired: Wednesday, 23rd February, 2000
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Alan Taylor

Interpreting The Classics With Poet Laureate, Donnatella Moss
Hotel corridors. Josh attempts in vain to open his hotel room door with a credit-card style key as Donna approaches.

DONNA: Josh?
JOSH: Yeah?
DONNA: Need any help with your luggage there?
JOSH: No, I'm fine.
DONNA: There were messages for you at the desk.
JOSH: I've spent half the nights in my life in hotel rooms, and I still cannot--
DONNA: (reading messages) Dave Levy?
JOSH: Later. You sure this isn't for your room?
DONNA: It's for your room ... Mandy?
JOSH: Ugh, later. You sure?
DONNA: It's for your room ... the Deputy Whip?
JOSH: Later. You know, there used to be keys--
DONNA: Hold on. (Donna takes the key)
JOSH: You stuck it in, you turned it, you--(Donna effortlessly opens the door)--I loosened it for you.
DONNA: (continuing to read messages) Ron Dreyfuss from Political Affairs?
JOSH: Later.
DONNA: Joey Lucas?
JOSH: Really?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: She called?
JOSH: She's here.
DONNA: In this hotel.
JOSH: She's here in this hotel.
DONNA: Yes. She's at the fundraiser tonight.
JOSH: Really.
JOSH: Why did she call?
DONNA: To tell you that she's here in this hotel and she's coming to the fundraiser tonight.
JOSH: Really.
JOSH: Huh.
DONNA: Josh, you've got a crush on Joey Lucas, and I really think you should do something about it, because you're starting to bother me.
JOSH: Well, that's something I really care about.
DONNA: Call her right now.
JOSH: I'll see her tonight.
DONNA: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Josh. Do you know what that means? It means you should take this time to gather rosebuds, because later on you might not be able to.
JOSH: Interpreting the classics with Poet Laureate, Donnatella Moss.
DONNA: I'm just saying, call her and stop bugging me.
JOSH: So, let's call her.
DONNA: Really?
JOSH: Yeah. Let's do it. Call her, and then we'll do everyone else.
DONNA: I have alabaster skin, you know.
JOSH: Dial the phone.
DONNA: I'm just saying. Also, Ted Marcus called.
JOSH: What?
DONNA: Ted Marcus called.
JOSH: Hang on. I'd better call him first.

Stop Drinking, Now
Ted Marcus's Fundraising Gala. Poolside, Josh and Donna talk to David Hasselhoff.

DAVID HASSELHOFF: I think there's a basic bedrock principle behind the First Amendment. That the government cannot prohibit the expression of an idea just because it's disagreeable. Justice William Brennan, writing for the majority--
DONNA: I'm a real big fan, David, not just a Johnny-come-lately. It's not just Baywatch and Knight Rider with me.
DAVID HASSELHOFF: Well, thank you very much. My point is--
DONNA: I mean, Nick Fury ... Panic at Malibu Pier ... The Cartier Affair. Pleasure Cove, for crying out loud!
JOSH: (pulling Donna away) Excuse us.
DONNA: He's so into me.
JOSH: You're frightening the guests.
DONNA: David Hasselhoff! I'm just saying--
JOSH: He's married.
DONNA: This is California, Josh. A girl can dream.
JOSH: (he takes away her champagne glass) Stop drinking, now.
DONNA: (scanning the crowd) Matt Perry, right there. Goodbye.

Gather Ye Rosebuds
Josh's hotel room. Josh packs while Donna lies on the bed.

DONNA: That was it?
JOSH: Yeah.
DONNA: Just because she said she was with somebody?
JOSH: She said she was with somebody.
DONNA: Oh, Josh.
JOSH: Donna, she's with somebody!
DONNA: She could have just been saying that.
JOSH: Why would she just be saying that?
DONNA: For the allure.
DONNA: Go see her before we leave.
JOSH: It's one in the morning!
DONNA: Go knock on her door.
JOSH: I'm not going to knock on her door at one in the morning.
DONNA: Yes! Because you're whisking away to Washington, and you had to see her one more time before you left, because God knows what fate awaits you when once you get there.
JOSH: (frowning) Are you okay?
DONNA: Gather ye rosebuds, Josh.
JOSH: Donna, I am not going to knock on her door. (she clucks like a chicken) Were you just clucking like a chicken, is that what that was?
JOSH: I couldn't knock on her door if I wanted to. I don't have her room number.
DONNA: Yes, you do. (Donna waves a piece of paper in front of Josh and speaks in a sing-song) Phone Message! Phone message!
JOSH: Okay, first of all--don't do that thing anymore with the (he mocks her sing-song) 'Phone message! Phone message!'
JOSH: Tell them I'll be down in one minute. (beat) Wait, how's she going to know I'm knocking on the door?
DONNA: There's a button outside. A light flashes.
JOSH: Tell them I'll be there in a minute.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!