100,000 Airplanes (Episode 311)
First Aired: Wednesday, 16th January, 2002
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: David Nutter

Surry With A Fringe On Top
Bullpen. At her desk, Donna reads a very thick government manual as Josh approaches her.

JOSH: Donna?
DONNA: Yeah?
JOSH: Can you get me the most recent memo from the DPC on the Welfare to Work initiatives?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: I'm seeing Amy again tonight.
DONNA: Second date?
JOSH: First date, really. Last night was more of a, you know ...
DONNA: ... scheme.
JOSH: Yeah.
DONNA: Good, because the second date's usually where the wheels come off the wagon for you.
JOSH: That is so false!
DONNA: What are you doing?
JOSH: A late drink.
DONNA: Where are you going?
JOSH: Wilson's.
DONNA: I like that place.
JOSH: I don't.
JOSH: Well for one thing, the piano player only seems to know one song.
DONNA: Which song?
JOSH: "Little things with fur better hurry..."
DONNA: "Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry"?
JOSH: Okay.
DONNA: Surry With a Fringe on Top.
JOSH: Whatever. It's like I'm on a hay ride. What are you doing?
DONNA: I'm trying to figure out if you need to pay for the plane ticket to Phoenix.
JOSH: It was official travel.
DONNA: Yeah, well, it didn't really seem to make a difference--
JOSH: What do the rules say?
DONNA: "An employee may not use contract airline rail passenger service provided under the contract with the general services administrations. See Part 301-15 Sub-part B of this chapter."
JOSH: What's the problem?
DONNA: Well, let's set aside that there's no Sub-part B, the rest of it uses a sentence structure with which I'm not familiar.
JOSH: Just ... put it on my credit card.
DONNA: No--see? I know what this is designed to do. I think it's designed to break a person's spirit.
JOSH: And damnit, that's my job.
DONNA: We're getting beat by the system!
JOSH: We are the system.
DONNA: We suck!
JOSH: Yes! I need the Welfare to Work memo.

Here's The Memo
Lobby. Josh and Toby walk and talk.

TOBY: How did it end up going last night?
JOSH: With Amy Gardner?
TOBY: Yeah.
JOSH: Very, very well.
DONNA: (breezes past him without even stopping) Here's the memo.
JOSH: Thank you. (he turns to look back at Donna as he continues to walk)

So Many Women, So Little Charm
Ballroom / Reception Hall. Donna approaches Josh from behind just as Joey Lucas leaves him.

DONNA: So many women, so little charm.
JOSH: (without turning around) What in God's name could you possibly want right now?
DONNA: Let me tell you something. Making government manuals easy to read?
JOSH: Yeah?
DONNA: Would have been a winner.
AMY: (smacks Josh on the back of the head) Come with me.
JOSH: Excuse me.

Josh and Donna anxiously wait with other staffers in the Bullpen to hear the results of the poll, then celebrate after hearing the good news.

Many thanks to The West Wing Collection for the wonderful screencaps!